Hello all, I created a post about proper tag use for the @hivelist pla ...

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Hello all, I created a post about proper tag use for the @hivelist platform! Please give it a read if use Hivelist! Thanks!


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Is it really possible to get home deliveries done? I guess this is a question really meant for the product sellers, but it would be nice if it's possible tho, I saw some cool stuff I'd love to have but I just have doubts I can get it shipped all the way here.

I am really anticipating a big turn out for Hivelist

Everything that is currently on the Hivelist store, as far as I know can be shipped world wide, now how much the shipping is going to cost is a whole other ball game. The products that are currently on the store are print on demand by a manufacturer that handles all the hard work for me. It’s just my designs.

But as far as people selling items on the upcoming store or just on a Hivelist post, that is completely up to the vendor.

Thanks for the info about the Hivehustler et al tags. I've been using #hivehustler with some of my crypto blogs as a means to share info generally. Is that tag OK for general sharing or a taboo? I definitely won't be using the other 7 tags mentioned as I don't have any products to sell

Yeah I mean we want to keep it focused on the hustle as it is a community built around entrepreneurship and I see things like blockchain gaming and art as being a side hustle so absolutely use the HiveHustlers or hustler tag for that kind of stuff. It’s meant to be more of a community type situation where as Hivelist really has a specific purpose. I will do a post about the HiveHustlers tags as well in conjunction with the other community tags such as CTP and LEO. The HiveHustlers and hustler tags will not be moderated nearly as much, or really at all for that matter. But I would like to keep Hivelist to the business at hand, and when the marketplace starts up, it will make more sense. It's going to turn into a eBay meets Fiverr meets Craigslist all in one platform.

Yeah that makes sense and I didn't actually know about hivelist so wouldn't be using that anyway but will continue to use the Hivehustlers one.

I wasn't sure about using CTP tag but when I asked Jon he said I could just use it whenever. Generally, I do my best to make the first 5 tags relevant to the post I'm writing as that's what gets indexed but the last 5 I use tags that go into various front end communities that I think are relevant or the general ones like palnet, neoxian, archon etc

Yeah the HiveHustlers tag is good to go