Contest Post Template for the Hivelist Classifieds


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Are you hosting a contest for your community? Promote your contest on the Hivelist classifieds and use this easy to use template to get you started!

This template is created with markdown language which works on all Hive front ends, especially Hivelist. All you will simply need to do is copy the template code below and paste in your Hivelist publish form and fill out the information for your contest, then promote the post!

'Contest' Post Template

Simply copy and paste the code below into your post publishing form on Hivelist or any other Hive front end. Make sure you use the recommended tags!

Below is the template code:

# [Contest Name] - Enter for a Chance to Win!

## About the Contest
[Provide a brief description of the contest and what participants can win. Explain the purpose and rules of the contest.]

## How to Enter
[List the steps or requirements for entering the contest. This could include tasks like following social media accounts, sharing content, filling out a form, etc.]

## Eligibility
[Specify who is eligible to participate in the contest (e.g., age restrictions, location limitations).]

## Deadline
[Clearly state the deadline for entering the contest.]

## Prize
[Detail the prize(s) that the winner(s) will receive. Be specific and exciting about what they can win!]

## Judging Criteria (if applicable)
[If the contest involves judging, mention the criteria that will be used to evaluate entries.]

## Winner Announcement
[Explain when and how the winners will be announced.]

## Contact Information
[Provide a point of contact for any questions or inquiries related to the contest.]

## Terms and Conditions
[Include a link or section with the full terms and conditions of the contest.]

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to win amazing prizes! Enter our contest today for your chance to be a winner!

For more details and to submit your entry, visit [Contest Website or Email Address].

Good luck to all participants!

Recommentded tags: contest,hivelist,hivecommerce

We hope this template helps you advertise your contest on the Hivelist classifieds! Use our classifieds network for your advertising needs and you can earn Hive, HBD, and our native LIST token!

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