Fundraising Template for the Hivelist Classifieds


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Are you trying to raise funds for a good cause? The Hivelist Classifieds here on Hive has a place for that! Use the #fundraising tag on your post and it will show on our classifieds network where you can promote your fundraiser!

You can simply use the template below to help you get started with your promotional post! Copy, paste into the Hivelist post editor, and fill in your details!

# [Fundraiser Name] - Support a Worthy Cause

## About the Fundraiser
[Provide a brief overview of the fundraiser's purpose and the cause it supports. Explain why this cause is important and the impact it can make.]

## Fundraising Goal
[State the fundraising target or goal you hope to achieve. Let potential donors know what their contributions will help accomplish.]

## How to Contribute
[List the different ways people can contribute to the fundraiser. This may include donation options like online payment platforms, bank transfers, or physical donation collection points.]

## Donation Tiers (if applicable)
[If there are different donation tiers or levels, mention the benefits or perks associated with each tier.]

## Fundraiser Duration
[Specify the start and end dates of the fundraiser. If it's an ongoing campaign, mention the campaign duration.]

## Progress Updates
[Explain how you will keep donors informed about the fundraiser's progress and the impact their contributions are making.]

## Contact Information
[Provide a point of contact for any questions or inquiries related to the fundraiser.]

## Website or Donation Link
[Include a link to the fundraiser's website or donation page for easy access to contribute.]

## Social Media Sharing
[Encourage people to share the fundraiser with their networks to increase visibility and reach.]

Your support can make a real difference! Together, we can [state the positive change the fundraiser aims to bring about].

To contribute and learn more, please visit [Fundraiser Website or Donation Link].

Thank you for being a part of this important cause!

Recommended tags: #fundraising #hivelist #hivecommerce

We hope this template helps you get your fundraiser out there to the public! Once you post it, it's up to you to spread the word and direct people to your post!

The best part of posting on Hivelist... Earning Hive, HBD, and LIST tokens just for using the platform! So the rewards can also be added to your funds that you are trying to raise!

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This is amazing. When does this go live? Currently trying to raise funds for giving Tuesday for my org. Do we qualify? We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit


There are no qualifications. We are just an advertising/classifieds platform that you can use to advertise your fundraisers.