Tydyn Rain St. Clair

GaiaYoga Gardens, Lower Puna, Far East Big Island, Hawai'i
Integral Evolutionary Nexus - I'm here for The Great Awakening - Birthing the New Humanity and the New Earth - Whole Natural Sovereign Divine Human(ity)! - My name is Tydyn Rain St. Clair, and I'm a starseed conspiracy realist, living naked and barefooted, very close to Earth and Nature, in an 18-acre, off-grid, clothing-optional, food-forest intentional community, way out in the jungles of Lower Puna, far East Big Island, Hawai'i. I work with my beloved plants, sovereignty-driven and aligned technologies like Linux, and specifically Arch Linux, Hive, Qortal, DeSo, Bastyon, among others, I do deep, integral energy-body-tantric work healing sessions with women, I make healing elixirs, and I basically bridge and integrate diverse and different worlds, domains, and perspectives. Balance, integration, wholeness, and vitality, are of primary importance to me. 😁 🙏 💚 ⚡ 💥 🔥 ✴️❇️✳️👣 🌱 ✨🤙