Battle Mage Challenge: Stun win Battles (MVP Revealer )

Good day folks, another week has come to showcase our battle skills ,and for this weeks battle challenge is the ruleset Divine Shield.


Also in the battle that I'll be featuring includes another ruleset Return Fire.


After the big update on staking SPS to get a good multiplier for each league, opponents became harder since the rentals for cards became cheaper. So I can say that every battle has now became a real good challenge . But luckily in my battle my opponent used a lower level cards for the current league. But Since it is the only battle with the challenge ruleset I used it to feature my line up selection skills. 😎

To the battlefield


Even with the return fire I picked two ranged monster for these reasons, even with return fire lux vega gave me additional armor to take the damage. And also Ravenhood gave me 2 more armor that helped in taking those return fire damage. And for Lira I picked her for the opportunity ability since I'm expecting mid to low health monster given the mana count available for the battle.

Battle Highlights


In the first round I had an advantage since the stun of my revealer took effect on it's first hit , it helped me preserve some help of my tank. And Lira targeted the opponents warded giving me a better chance.


In the fourth round many monsters from both side were eliminated . Still my reveler is doing its stun job. But now my main problem is Usut which triggered its bloodlust.


Still my MVP Revealer doing his job, stunning everybody.


On the previous rounds Usut eliminated multiple allies , but in the end my line up won thanks to the poison applied to Usut, Eliminating it before even attacking .

Luck is on my side, as you can see this Soulbound Cards are really powerful. Even if I out leveled the opponents cards , it almost got me because of the powerful skill set of Usut. Luck is on my side this time, that was a good battle.

If you want to watch the full battle, you can check the link below.

So that's it for this weeks battle challenge. Have a good day and see you in the next one.

This is an entry for the weekly Splinterlands Battle Mage Challenge, If you're interested in joining, ill leave the link.


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