Embracing Cryptocurrencies Beyond Store of Value



Cryptocurrencies have captivated the world with their promise of decentralization, security, and potential financial gains. Yet, to truly unlock their potential and establish themselves as a mainstream form of money, they must get passed their current role as just a store of value and embrace their function as mediums of exchange in everyday transactions.

The Evolution of Cryptocurrencies

Initially, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin were not predominantly viewed as digital assets for investment, often likened to digital gold, but as an actual peer to peer currency that lived outside of the traditional banking system. But as Bitcoin began to rise in value over the first view years, investors started to acquire and hold onto them in anticipation of their value appreciation, or as we like to say in the crypto space, number go up. While this narrative has been successful, it only scratches the surface of what cryptocurrencies can offer.

Embracing Everyday Use

For cryptocurrencies to thrive as a new form of money, they must re-gain acceptance as viable means of payment in commerce and peer-to-peer transactions. Picture being able to buy your morning coffee, groceries, or settle debts with friends seamlessly using cryptocurrencies. This vision represents the aspiration of many enthusiasts and advocates. There are some places where you can do this, but not nearly enough to make a real difference in the economy currently. The main factor, especially with Bitcoin is that people are holding on waiting for that number go up.

This is where something like stablecoins can and really should come into play. Coins like USDT, USDC, DAI, and Hive's own HBD make a great medium of exchange, we just need people to adopt it for that use instead of a base currency for their trading accounts. Stablecoins have found a place with DEFI but we really need to also encourage the use of them in everyday transactions.

Not All Tokens are Meant for Transactions

However, it's important to note that not all tokens are designed to serve as mediums of exchange. Tokens like gas and governance tokens have distinct purposes within their respective ecosystems and are not intended for use in everyday transactions. Instead, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and stablecoins are ideally suited as currencies for commerce.

Take Hive for example. On this blockchain, we have the main token when can be staked as governance and voting power in the network. This is what gives you the resources you need in the ecosystem. This isn't the token for commerce. Instead, we have HBD, or Hive Backed Dollars for this purpose. The big problem with this, is that people are more encouraged to lock it up in savings for an APR than actually giving it a true purpose and use case like in e-commerce.

Overcoming Challenges And Finding Benefits

Certainly, challenges such as volatility, scalability, and regulatory concerns have hindered the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions. Regardless, continuous innovation is underway to address these obstacles and enhance the viability of cryptocurrencies for mainstream use. It just takes people actually adopting it as a medium of exchange and method of payment.

By accepting cryptocurrencies, they expand their customer base to a global audience of crypto enthusiasts. Additionally, they enjoy lower transaction fees, faster settlement times, and heightened security compared to traditional payment methods. One challenge has been customer protection. This is where businesses like the Hivelist Store acts as a payment escrow service to give a layer of protection for the customer and the vendor. This does as a middleman, but if you are looking for that protection, it's a great way to go.

Supporting Crypto-friendly Businesses

As consumers, we can really change the game just by using the crypto and supporting businesses that accept crypto payments versus buy from the same traditional companies that continue to enslave us. By actively patronizing businesses that accept crypto payments, we not only help boost their success but also encourage others to follow suit and build that adoption we are all looking for. Every transaction conducted with cryptocurrencies brings us closer to a future where the use of digital currencies are as common as using cash or credit cards.

While the path to widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies as mediums of exchange may present challenges, the potential rewards are substantial. By advocating for their use in commerce and backing businesses that accept crypto payments, we can help shape a future where financial transactions are more accessible, efficient, and secure for everyone.

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@hivelist I am unsure what is going on but I have gotten multiple payouts today on Hive Engine for your COM token. I believe they are only supposed to occur once per day but so far I have gotten five of them.


Thanks for letting me know! Every now and then when there is a Hive Engine node hiccup it will throw off the payout bots. Restarted and should be all good. Enjoy the extra tokens, lol.


You are welcome. At first I thought it was just a frontend error with notifications... but then I looked on a block explorer and saw they were real transfers.

Hehe thanks for the tokens and glad to hear you were able to fix it.