Classifieds Templates Now Available In The Side Menu To Make Posting Easier!


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We are working to make things easier for the everyday user to use our blockchain classifieds network built right here on Hive. As we have added more and more categories, we decided to help everyone out and give you a direction on how to advertise here on Hivelist!

Our category templates are now available in the side bar menu on

Here is how you access them. First click on the the menu icon on the far right hand side of the screen:

Screenshot 20240104 at 12.13.00 PM.png

Once you open the menu you will see the template on the bottom half of the menu:

Screenshot 20240104 at 12.12.49 PM.png

These template will help guide your way in how to make an advertising post with sections that apply for each category. So if you want participate in a new parallel economy, built on the blockchain, then come and check out what we are building for you!

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