Did You Know the Gig Economy is Coming to the HIVE Network?

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This is not the finished product. There are bugs as it is still under development.

Did You Know the Gig Economy is coming to the HIVE Network?

Hiverr is a gig marketplace for HIVE users, vendors can provide their unique services and skills customers desire.
A safe, simple and secure way to hire specialists for services.

Are you looking to make extra income?

Put your skills to use and get paid for it in HIVE! There are plenty of ideas out there in the world that needs your skillset to exist. Whether signing gigs part-time or using Hiverr for full-time work, you get the opportunity to be self-sufficient.

Do you have something that needs to be done?

Deposit HIVE, search for services, pay and attach your order information;
Voila! All of your ventures are finished at your fingertips within a couple of clicks.

Have you earned HIVE from the network and want someone to help you realize your vision?

You did it! You made a post and now you're trending but you need some design work for that stream intro or LOGO for your blog to really solidify your brand. You'll be able to hire specialists to handle those tough hurdles for you. The best part is you can use what you have earned blogging on the HIVE network.


BETA Testing available

Feedback welcome, contact @JSKitty or @JustinAshby on the HIVE Discord.


Can't wait! This would be really useful for a lot of freelancers

It seemed like a great use case for HIVE as a whole. The community support is heart warming.

@tipu curate 3 :)

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Fantastic! The support is welcome.

okayredim.pnglooking forward to see more 😉

😀 Be sure to stay tuned there is more coming soon.

Nice work, great to see so many new things popping up on here. I'll be keeping up to date with how it's getting on 👍

The team members are busy working hard to provide an end to end working model in a reasonable amount of time.

Here we go! Excited to see this happen... you all have my full support. Looking forward to development updates.

Thank you. It is nice to know that the community is behind this.

Wooo hoo!!!!!!!!!! the future is here looking good!

There are so many talented Hivers and other crypto coding enthusiasts that need a place to market their skills.

Yes, I agree. It is one undervalued aspect of Hive is the # of talented individuals.

As others have said, there is a vacuum for marketing or hiring needed skills and abilities in the cryptospace.

It is 100% true.

Can't wait for this to come together! 😃 @JSKitty @JustinAshby

I am super stoked at all the love and anticipation.

We'll keep an eye on this! Is there any date for the official launch?

Awesome!! Thanks for this -@Darkflame

Any plans to add HiveSigner?

HiveSigner is on the list of planned integrations, it may even be added before the official launch. 😄

I don't know enough about that to answer. I will bring it up to the team to discuss and hopefully be able to answer your question soon. Thank you for the feedback.

This is awesome! There is so much going on for Hive right now it's incredible! Every turn I'm hit with something new! I am currently freelancing on Upwork and having some real success there, but how AWESOME would it be to do some for Hive! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


I hope to have a lot of fun with this service

Wow, this sounds exciting. Though at the moment even the url https://hiverr.work doesn't load anything. I understand, it's under development. I'll try again later.

The www part of the URL is required to load properly, I haven't put much work into the DNS settings.

This URL will work fine: https://www.hiverr.work/
@stortebeker 😁

Haha, such a simple, yet essential thing.
Okay cool, I'm in. Now I'm looking forward to the growth of this site!

Nice idea actually. I've always thought that this place would be nice for that concept.

Thank you. Honestly, there are hardly any spaces to find talent and pay them via crypto.

I'll be marketing my skills. With hive, content creators can simply showcase their skills straight from their blog. This way, you can see a portfolio and know what to expect.

Yes, please do! We need people to be vendors too!

good point

Nice, steemgigs was good for a while. A more polished effort would do well

It was time to pick up the torch. Over time it will get better and better.

Cool. I hope it does indeed take off and fly

It will still come about, when i can recover a bit in health. Hopefully the smt code comes about too then. At least there is Hiverr in the making

I no longer think SMTs will be any good for Hive. A pipe dream too long in the making

Hmmm okay. I will just watch and perhaps hope.

It's all we can do is watch and see what the future holds eh!

Coincidentally, I did a custom request using a post with gig entries

Looking forward to seeing this in action.

Stay tuned. There will be more to come. In the meantime, what kinds of problems can we solve with this product?

I'll have to think about that. I'm a filmmaker and I shoot, edit videos, and do color grading so ill think on it and let you know.

Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.

Looking forward to seeing what you put together and I would be happy to provide feedback once I can start posting jobs and my services on the platform.

sounds quite interesting!

Awesome! The goal is to bring another economic element to the ecosystem. Another great reason to be a part of HIVE, the best thing since sliced pickles.

great idea!

Thank you for the feedback. This is just the first steps to building something great for the world to use.

Good luck with this, guys! I launched a similar thing back on steem (Steemtaskr) which was really well received, but just didn't get the use to sustain it. I hope we've got the user base here to keep Hiverr going.

It is awesome to be able to carry the torch and continue to bring a platform like this not only for currently active users but to hopefully bring some new faces to HIVE in the process. Great to know there are others with the same train of thought.

A very nice initiative.

A few points to note:
Due to the ongoing lockdowns, all over the world, and the "recession",
many companies will look for other ways to get their work done.

Based on some research, I personally believe Gig economy will boom by end of 2024-2025, (though I may be wrong)

Its a great start, hope you keep the development going! :)

Thank you for your analysis, we will take your data into consideration. The encouragement is also welcome.

Awesome Justin

Oh snap! 😀

I am excited! I am a fiverr user, so I would definitely like to try this when it is up and running.

Fantastic! As an active user of the other platform what are some problems you experienced that need to be solved?

One thing with fiverr is the 2 weeks it takes for payments to clear after a gig is completed. I am thinking a blockchain could do better than that. Also, although fiverr generally gives me no problems, their support for sellers is not the best. They have tests that can be taken for certifications; perhaps hiverr could incorporate that eventually, too.

We share the same sentiment. Blockchain is an economic innovation. The best thing to innovate is how fast the value is transferred between parties.
Thank you for letting the team know about the seller support quality. I agree it would be useful for sellers to expand their skillset via online learning.

looking good - will check out this week

Excellent! This is the start of a vaulable dApp.

apparently i need keychain to access?

Yes, keychain is used for access. According to the team there will be more portals added as we go.

Good job and useful for many new and old users.

It is pretty clear the community is looking for new and developing dApps. It would be absoultely wonderful if it appealed to both types of users.

This is definitely a direction this platform needs to branch into. It’s like there is a huge void in this little burgeoning economy that needs to be filled. I hope this takes off, I’ll definitely be giving it a shot :)

Great to hear that you would like to give it a try! I agree on this may be a great time to prove where crypto is useful. Hiverr is here to fill the void and really show the potential of this new ecosystem.

Definitely. I am only on mobile though so I’ll have to wait until there is another signin option or keychain goes mobile :)

This is amazing opportunity for freelancers. This is really big