The Daily LIST - New Jacket From NFT Art - Rare NES Game For Sale - Splinterlands Card Delegation Contest


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Hello my fellow Hivians and readers from anywhere and everywhere! Welcome to another edition of the Daily LIST.

Today we are featuring another item using the 'Portal To Another Reality' NFT art Unisex Bomber Jacket.

The design on this jacket was created by @astrocreator from the Hive blockchain. The art was purchased by Hivelist on with Limited Reproduction Rights. NFT NOT INCLUDED! We hold this as license to use the art on other products.

See the art and verify our NFT ownership here:

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Today's featured contest is from @freemonster

Initiative for new Splinterlands players.... Gold Foil Card Delegation....10/01

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The delegation is for a gold foil Nectar Queen, she certainly has a sting to her... haha dad jokes... If you are a new player and interested in adding her to your deck for a week, check out the contest!

Today's Forsale promoted post is @swearngin's

YARD SALE: NES GAME: Isolated Warrior

This guy always has some awesome old school gems available, and he is also a great example of how to properly use the forsale section!

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it is a great satisfaction to see the NFT I created on this article. Nice work guys ....... my name tag is wrong :);)