3rd place resource producer & 3rd place top brewery on crypto brew masters

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I have been getting in to crypto brew masters more and more as of late while buzzin around hive. Having finished second, third, and 5th place on crypto brew masters challenges I have some tips for the newer players or players trying to improve their Brewing to near master levels. At first most of my victories where bought for the lack of a better term however as I built up stock & continued to improve my tactics I have made it to a point where I can honestly say I Earned these two recent victories.

3rd place

When I say earned I mean nothing came from my Hive account in these most recent challenge victories as the image above this shows I Brewed 2 master piece Bella white IPAs. The proceeds of which allowed me to place 3rd 2 times in one set of challenges.
While I like to brag its not just for bragging rights just for these two I received
Those where for 3rd place top brewer
& those where for 3rd place resource producer.

My method

While not the easiest thing to keep up with anyone with spare time on their hands should look into Crypto brew master with their new update coming soon unlocking all new areas upgrades and NFTs now is the time to stock up. I wouldn't be so out there to suggest a boom of sorts for CBM or even DEC for splinterlands when these scheduled updates hit. So stocking up on these when the price dips isn't the worst idea even if you dont play.
Back on task my method is simpler buy a month rental and produce as much as you can keeping the building in the best condition. Doing this I rarely produce anything green or grey a fail in my book. I never rush the process if I can help it paying not to wait is a freemium game tactic consumer phycology is not going to trick me I am the only one to f#ck with my head. Final tip is the bad beer Is worth selling in the market with your extra ingredients but more worth the energy.


The harder you try to be perfect the more you end up fighting yourself It is as true in life as in a game there is no perfection this is a myth. Perfection is not something that we should even strive for its only the imperfections that give a Brew, You or I character. This leads me to my final tip dont use orange ingredients for the expectation of a orange beer. Putting good materials in helps but can still produce a gray I wont use gray ingredients but still brew gray beer.

The beer like all of us is greater than the sum of its parts nothing can assure us that great things make great beer. Personally I believe the perfect is the enemy of the good everything that shines doesn't have to be gold or in this case orange
Surprise I was high on Kush the whole time
My photo shop app is not working I couldn't put the bud in like normal


Well congratulations wow I just started playing this game and I didn't even know what to do or how to start until I asked somebody else and they told me

Seems Awesome, I am looking forward to learn more about this game, I never done but I love trying new things, I will do it soon