"Alternate Reality Games" New CD Of Alien Video Game Synthesizer Music


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Here is my brand new album, "alternate reality games," fresh off the presses from this past weekends trip up into the mountains for the big noise candy mountain festival.
This is a collection of tracks, mostly very new stuff and mostly stuff made with my newest synths, the sequential pro 3 and the korg wavestate, although there is a couple tracks made on the MPC and Octatrack and one track that uses the roland jv 1080.

most of this album stems from recording sessions for this @NFTTunz contest that they were having for their agartha video game, which I released as a video NFT here: https://nfttunz.io/collectible/quinnertronics_video-game-contest-ep_video-game-contest-ep , with a few left still!

you can also download the full length album for free at my bandcamp here: https://drquinnmedicinewoman.bandcamp.com/album/alternate-reality-games

I also have some homemade cd-r's for sale that I will send out for 9 HBD shipped to the continental US, inquire about canada/US rates and Rest of the world...I will only charge you actual shipping price plus $5 for the disc

The art was a dollar bill that i acquired (who could let that one go??? it's not like its a TWENTY!). I printed up these "Quinn Bucks"and asked people at the fest if they had any Quinn Bucks and gave them away. I then asked my friends if they wanted to buy my new CD that I was selling for Quinn Bucks. Most of them took the CD-it was kinda like when Prince gave away his albums with his ticket price and got the number one album!... Or something.

dr quinn and her astro-infinity-tesla arkestra
“alternate reality games”

con queso
supperman cooks good dinners
game djinni
space plantation
forgotten future
opening up the sky
alien hologram
natural resource extraction
responsible adult music
space silo
weather balloon
faking the moog landing
ketchup synth
industrial strength deodorant
chicken maybe
90s loading screen
lucasarts rejection letter
sugar dale hotdogs
grindcore hoedown
rat whisperer

everyone else has a record label so why can’t i? #105

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