Introducing the Buzzies - awards for the best buzzes of 2020 - 50 HIVE to be awarded

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Nominate: Buzz of the Year | People's Choice Buzz | Best Visual Buzz | Buzzie for Hive Post of the Year

Buzzies are awards for the year's best buzzes on D.Buzz

In brief: you nominate the best buzzes during 2020 and the best of the best get recognized with a Buzzie award. There's also one non-DBuzz Buzzie for a Hive post.

50 HIVE will be awarded thanks to @dbuzz.

I'll say up front this is nothing official with D.Buzz. It's just a community member doing a community thing. @dbuzz found out about this project and offered to support it with 50 HIVE as a prize. Thank you.
And I'll also add this up front...this is for the fun of it!
A lesson I've learned from decentralized cryptocurrencies is that there is no leader. When the Grin cryptocurrency came out, I was intrigued by it's Bitcoinesque ethos. One of their core principles is that if a community member wants to do something, you don't have to ask permission--there is no permission-head to ask. If you see something to work on, you work on it. Like a small seedling, that work will eventually be nurtured by the community and grow, or will be ignored and wither away.


The #Buzzies!

Awesome content is created daily by the D.Buzz community. Let's recognize the awesomest of the awesome.

I tossed out the initial idea in a buzz on Dec. 21, then waited for the year to end. Now is go-time! :)

  1. Nominations - accepted in 4 categories via a Google Form, ending Jan. 22, 7pm UTC
  2. Voting via - Jan. 22-29, ending 7pm UTC on the 29th. The 5 with the most upvotes will be finalists. The winner will be elected from finalists.
  3. Committee selects winners
  4. Announcement of winners - Jan. 31, 7pm UTC
  1. Buzz of the Year - the best (20 HIVE)
  2. People's Choice Buzz - the most popular as voted on by the Hive community (10 HIVE)
  3. Best Visual Buzz - the best image-based buzz (10 HIVE)
  4. Buzzie for Hive Post of the Year - best (non-DBuzz) Hive post (10 HIVE)
Rules & Details
  1. The buzz/post must be from 2020. Sorry, anyone new in January. We can always do this again next year if desired.
  2. Anyone can nominate. And, yes, you can nominate your own. Personally, I'd actually encourage you to do just that.
  3. You can nominate as many as you like for as many categories as you like.
  4. The Best Visual Buzz can have text or a caption, but it should be primarily an image-based buzz.
  5. Winners will be chosen by a select committee, except for one...
  6. The "People's Choice" winner will be elected via popular vote. Voters must have a Hive account in order to combat multiple voting. Not on Hive yet but want to vote? Consider using my referral link to get your free account here then vote away.
  7. The "Buzzie for Hive Post of the Year" originates from outside of D.Buzz, such as @peakd, @ecency, @threespeak, or from any Hive-based platform.
So, what now?

Go through your DBuzz profile and nominate your best.
Go through others' profiles and nominate their best.

You or they can't win if not nominated!

Nominate a Buzz Now!

  1. Buzz of the Year nomination form: nominate a buzz for "Buzz of the Year 2020"
  2. People's Choice Buzz form: nominate a buzz for "People's Choice Buzz 2020"
  3. Best Visual Buzz form: nominate a buzz for "Best Visual Buzz 2020"
  4. Buzzie for Hive Post of the Year form: nominate a Hive post for "Buzzie for Hive Post of the Year"


Not on Hive? The #1 benefit of Hive...YOU own your content and YOU earn the rewards your that content generates. Learn more or consider using my referral link to get your free account here.



While I have 0 chance of winning this is a great idea. :D

Well, since I just nominated one of your buzzes for people's choice, you now have a > 0 chance!

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Appreciate it!

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