Terror in the Hotel / The Last of Us PS3 - Part 9

A warm greeting to everyone in this amazing Gaming Photography community and I hope you are enjoying your day.

Today I bring you Part 9 of this amazing game called The Last of Us.

It is a game of Survival Horror, which will take us with its story to a world in which we will have to use our skills to survive.

I hope you like the post and that you enjoy it. So prepare yourself a coffee and I invite you to join me in this adventure.


We need to cross this hotel to get to the bridge and get out of the city and I find that it is full of bandits and this was my first victim was near the first staircase.

I needed materials and was concentrating on entering each room to see what I could find and I didn't realize that there were several bandits searching the area because they wanted to hunt us down.

As I'm crossing the door one of them captures me and almost takes all my life and to top it off one of his companions comes running towards us luckily I shot him right in the head before he hit me with his bat.

I leave the room carefully thinking that there were no bandits in this area and it turns out that one of them was in the hallway waiting for me with a bomb and takes my life.

I had to enter the hotel again and get here again thanks to that bandit as I enjoyed finishing him off when I got there again.

I could not continue because the other exit in the corridor was destroyed, so we had to open the elevator and find a way to cross to the other rooms.

As soon as I saw that we jumped into the elevator for the girl to help us up the first thing I thought was that this is going to fall.

And so it was, the girl was safe so to speak and we have to find a way to get back to where we were so the girl would hide until we arrived.

The basement of the hotel was mostly flooded and more than once I got lost and had to go back to where we fell to catch my breath as there were no indicators and it was so dark I didn't know which was the right way.

On one occasion while I was swimming I turned around and saw several corpses startled me hahaha I was so focused on finding my way that I didn't expect those corpses to be floating there.

After a while I found the exit and arrived at the hotel's storage rooms, I took the opportunity and collected several materials that I needed.

I get to an area full of spores and I find that the place is full of infected the vision was very poor and more than once an infected caught me off guard, the good thing is that with the shotgun I managed to get out of several risky occasions but of course I had very few bullets in this weapon I had to surrender them as much as possible.

Finally I got out of the basement of the hotel and ended up reaching the kitchen and I find bandits who were patrolling the area I had to go slowly finishing them off taking advantage of the amount of furniture that has the kitchen to hide.

Climbing a ladder to get to the girl we met a bandit who throws us to the ground and wants to kill us by force, I kept pressing the button to get out of this situation but I saw no way out.

I thought I was not going to get out of this one because no matter how much I insisted on freeing myself from the bandit I could not even at the moment I wanted to grab the gun to shoot the bandit and to my luck someone lifts the gun and finishes him off.

Joel's face was shocking to see after he came out of the water and to see who it was that saved him.

It turned out to be the girl who saved us, she heard all the noise we were making and came to save our lives, the face of the girl after shooting the bandit impressed me to see how scared she was by what happened and impressed for having done that was very hard to see.

Joel scolds the girl for not having listened to him to stay hidden until he arrived and that she was almost the one who would have killed him if he had not been shot so close.



It was a challenge to get out of the basement of the hotel, there was little visibility and it was full of infected, but I still had a lot of fun.

The amount of bandits that were there in the hotel was quite a lot that I liked a lot, I was annoyed when one of them attacked me with the fire bomb, it was hard to get there and I had to start all over again because of him hahaha.

Seeing how Joel sometimes treats the girl for me is sometimes unfair the girl just wants to help us but he doesn't want to we will see how this relationship will end up developing both of them.

I'm loving the game I can't help but imagine the series while playing it since I first watched the series before I knew the game.


Equipment Used To Make This Post

  • PS3 Slim 500gb
  • Camera 10 moons generic
  • JBL Quantum 100
  • Capturadora De Video Hdmi A Usb 2.0
  • PC Escritorio:
    • 12 gm Ram
    • i5 - 4 nucleos 3.10 GHz
    • 500 Gb HDD
    • 2 Gb Video AMD Radeon 5450 HD
  • Monitor Sansumg 19 Pulgadas


Programs Used to Make the Post


If you like you can see the other chapters of this series here:

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Game The Last of Us can be obtained at your favorite gaming store.

The screenshots were taken in my player profile thanks to the capturer and the obs studio program.

The editions are my own.

Thank you so much for coming to read my post, I hope you are having a great day, Thank you for coming!


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The chapters are getting more and more intense, the story is also very intense as time goes by, thanks for sharing.


I had a hard time in the basement of the hotel, it was quite a challenge.


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