Staying Consistent As A Blogger

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Blogging can become really frustrating when it isn't turning out the results you wanted. It is really easy to start blogging but it takes extra to keep it running and carve a niche in the blogging world. Staying consistent is actually the key to earn well and retain audience because people love fresh post

One sure way to be consistent is by writing on topics you enjoy or excites you. When it is about things that interest you, you will feel motivated to write and put more effort into it. Unlike writing something you have no idea on, of course you won't feel inclined to write. And when you are not consistent you would be losing people's attention.

By posting consistently about topics you enjoy , not only would you be building a fan base but you would be carving a niche for yourself as well and this could open doors of opportunities for you. If you post once in a blue moon, people won't know when to come back for more and ultimately you'll lose their attention.

Another way to be consistent is by setting blogging goals. This will help you to be more focused as well as prioritize blogging. By making goals, you know where you want your blog to be in the next 6 months or one year and you'll make plans to get there. When a plan is in place, it's important that you are professional and follow it up with action.

By making plans you won't be waiting until dying minutes to start racking your brain for ideas, not only will this frustrate you but kill your vibe entirely. It's important that you plan your blogging calendar, when you will write and when you will post them. You can create schedules to help you plan your blogging activities better as well. By doing this you can monitor your progress as well as know where to put more effort.

Keeping a journal handy will also help you stay consistent. Often times ideas pop up and it's important that you write them as soon as possible because you may never remember them again. With a journal full of ideas you'll have more ideas to work on as well as more articles to release on your blog.

Eliminating distractions will also help you be consistent. If you keep getting distracted by things around you, writing will become difficult and so consistency as well. If social media is a source of distraction for you, you can take a break from it. If it's your family you can take a trip to a library to get your work done. You know what your distractions are and so it's important that you take steps to eliminate them so you can be consistent with blogging.


Hello friend, sometimes it is not easy for everyone to remain constant on the platforms and more when you do not receive adequate support, but I think that constancy always receives its benefit. Writing is not for everyone, I have met people who do not see it as something attractive so with them it is better to give up and go ahead with what we do, I know this has a lot of future and I will continue writing. Greetings.

Hi very good post @valchiz, when you create content, there is nothing more relaxing than writing about topics that you like and about which you have enough knowledge, ideas always flow that's why keeping a diary at hand to capture our ideas is essential to keep our blog active with current content.

See you later, have a great week.

that is really true, thanks for reading through. have a great week too

Hello @valchiz

I agree with you regarding eliminating distractions, certainly these are the number 1 cause of losing or not having consistency.
Excellent reading, thank you for sharing.

you are welcome.

It really isn't easy to be a consistent blogger especially when the monetary inflow isn't so rewarding, but then it pays off finally.

that is true but if you are consistent with it, along the way it will eventually pay off

I enjoyed what you just posted. For sure blogging is never easy but the more you blog about something you know, the more you will feel comfortable doing so. One thing I have always advised again is that you should blog on niche you have knowledge about. This will help you along the line.

As per the blogging goals, it is surely needed.

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