Is Trending LeoFinance Content becoming too 'Generic'?

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CUB and LeoDeFi is all anyone can talk about at the moment. All you need to do is look at the trending posts on LeoFinance and it is all about CUB. That's not a bad thing as CUB is the new and exciting feature of this platform, but as @onealpha pointed out in a recent post, CUB seems to be the only thing anyone is talking about at the moment.

As a new user to LeoFinance this could be a bit of a turnoff. If I am coming here to look at different crypto and finance content and all I can see is content about CUB being voted on into trending, then I might not notice anything else.

Looking at the top curators articles on the LeoFinance page at the moment you will see this:

Screen Shot 20210317 at 9.16.04 pm.png
Only one post from @edicted is not about CUB.

Looking through the curators picks list, I eventually came across this post from @hitmeasap:

Screen Shot 20210317 at 9.19.11 pm.png

A post about how the author is trying to get leofinance posts to the top of the Google page. A great article and justly rewarded by votes.

Lately there doesn't seem to be as much variety in post content and it has got me wondering why this might be?

Are more new users focussing on just LeoFinance news or are authors spreading their wings and looking outside of the LeoFinance sector?

Are investors just autovoting the same people to get a return on their investment, placing the same content into trending each day?

Is this the content that LeoFinance readers are looking for and this is reflected in the trending pages?

I regularly have gone to the LeoFinance homepage to look for news and articles around crypto, but it has been getting harder and harder to scroll through and find the good stuff. Now my vote is not worth that much but I like to upvote and comment on content that I read and find worthwhile. My opinion is I am worried that we might end up with a lot of 'stuff' on trending a bit like what happened on Steem.

Of course this is an opinion piece and it will be interesting to see what happens as LeoFinance becomes larger and much more popular.

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for reading.

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Could Trending be referred to as Herding?

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The sad thing is, you really can't trust the trending page on any of these platforms. While some of the content is actually really good the artificial way that they have been jumped to the top needs to be considered. There are a handful of people on any platform that get consistently big upvotes simply because of who they are. In the case of Leo, the content is pretty decent too, but that isn't always the case. People would be far better off browsing through the "New" section and skipping trending all-together.

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I couldn't agree more. Trending lists are where you find the 'players' and their friends, new and recent posts are where you find me and interesting content.

For sure!

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Trending lists are where you find the 'players' and their friends,

ain't that the truth !

Ha, that was supposed to read 'new and interesting content' at the end. You sure won't find 'me' there lately, I haven't posted in almost 3 weeks!

As sort of a noob here I really skip anything CUB related looking for those articles that add value and/or fun to the crypto story. But I guess that as soon as it´s no longer the new kid on the block things will calm down.

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For me I surf new page and don't look too much to trending because I like to interact with new posts

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This should be expected, it's basically the cub week but then I'll say, it's getting too much. I mostly engage with less cub post nowadays, nevertheless I'll say basically it's the most lucrative tag so far

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From a guy who isn't really here for the crypto, I would say this should have been expected. Hive itself has appeared to be crypto-blog dominant, and the new things get all the attention.

The most frequent response I hear when trying to get people to check out Hive is 'Isn't that a cryptocurrency site?'

And of course, 'no' isn't exactly an honest response, best I can say is 'It's much more than just that.'

Agree not enough variety lately.