Selling Physical Products for HIVE!

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I just finished setting up my storefront on Hivelist! I'm super excited to be able to sell my stickers for HIVE!

You can visit my store here:


I only have one product uploaded so far. It's my most popular in my etsy shop. I will be uploading more later as I have time. I have tons! I'm excited about this new way to invest in HIVE.

The process setting up my shop on Hivelist was pretty straight forward. I got my shop and first product uploaded in a few hours. The part that took the longest for me to figure out was setting up shipping.

In my shop, shipping in the U.S. is free and everywhere else is $2. So, if anyone tries to order and that's not the case. Let me know!


Oh! I'm a Hustler! This is the Vendor Registration Fee chart. I'm staking 1500 LIST now and I feel it's a good investment. I will definitely be staking more if I get some sells ;)


Hive option in the shopping cart! How cool is that!! My little frogs can turn into HIVE!

I have actually wanted to offer crypto payment options for my store but Etsy is not on the ball... Now if we can just get Coinbase Commerce to accept Doge, then I can sell my Doge stickers for Doge bwhhahahahah

Speaking of.....let me know if I should put HIVE stickers in my shop next :D

Thank you everyone who has worked on this! I hope I can bring in some traffic with my oddities


Good post! I am also thinking about doing something with this new shop. I've never actually "sold" a product I've created but when I heard about this coming, a couple ideas popped into my head. Thanks for showing how it's done and what it's all about. Another unknown taken out of my calculations. I appreciate it!

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Thanks! Yes, it took me years and a lot of failures to finally figure out what i wanted to sell as a supplemental source of income. I would have never guessed stickers lol. Looking forward to seeing your ideas spring up into the hivelist shop someday!

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Thanks for explaining and informing me about hive shop. I have been wondering about an online shop used for some of my art, what better to use other then Hive. Thanks again best wishes with the stickers.

You're welcome! I believe they are working on having more features in the future too, like print on demand service which would be fantastic for your art! keep an eye out.
Thanks for stopping by

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Always evolving and adding features is good. Thank for letting me know.

How about creating some NFTs with your grumpy frogs?

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And use that guitar on the wall to add a few chord riffs to each NFT!

And pangolins and foxes and doge dog and aliens and bees and ... well you get the picture.

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NFTs can be created as numbered sets, also.

You could sell limited-edition grumpy frog NFTs for each unique saying. For instance, create a limited edition of 100 grumpy frogs saying "I hate Mondays!" with a guarantee to never create another set with that same saying. I would sell #1 last (because it should be the most valuable one -- thus you want to let #s 2 - 100 help establish the price of #1).

I believe you can also set up the #1 NFT in each set to collect a portion of the future royalties for every other one in the set (just like you, the creator, can establish a creator's royalty percentage). Hold onto #1 until the others sell, then the built-in royalties received by the #1 token will make it even more valuable.

Could also pre-sell NFTs with a unique saying (determined by the original buyer). The original buyer gets #1. If the #1 has royalty rights on the rest, then the purchaser of #1 will be a natural salesperson for the rest of the set.

Just some random thoughts ...

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I have been thinking about various ways to do it. My biggest hesitation has been the fact that I sell the image commercially. The shirt with the frog and the word fantastic is my best seller on Etsy.
Though with more and more brands making NFTs of their characters, like Marvel selling spiderman NFT's, I'm starting to understand I can do both. Make the NFT and keep ownership of the design and still sell it commercially.

Thanks for the ideas on how to do it. I may try this soon

My biggest hesitation has been the fact that I sell the image commercially.

I'm starting to understand I can do both. Make the NFT and keep ownership of the design and still sell it commercially.

I do not think there is any expectation by an NFT purchaser that you will not also sell physical instantiations of the image. The only expectation would be that there will be no more digital NFTs created other than whatever is stipulated at the outset.

The recent proliferation of NFTs represents a huge potential avenue for content creators with an artistic flair to expand their market.

Keep us updated!

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