Good time to list my Dogecoin Stickers on Hivelist!

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With all the hype of Elon going on Saturday Night Live on May 8th, it's seemed like a good time to list my doge stickers on the hivelist shop!

check it out!


I have had my doge stickers listed on Etsy since Feb 1 and I have already sold 50! The meme is strong in this one haha

I'm excited to list on hivelist because etsy does not accept cryptocurrency. On hivelist store you can pay with hive, bitcoin, eth, usdc, and litecoin if you want.

I know it's a little wonky to sell a doge sticker on a hive store, but the doge brings good traffic! So maybe a few twitter shares will help the hivelist store with traffic! fingers crossed! wink wink

In the end, I get paid in hive so essentially i'm turning doge (stickers) into hive! magic!


Much Cute!

I still have not made a sale on hivelist yet, sooooo
who's gonna be my first sale????
come on dogefather! I'll trade some stickers for a tesla!

I am still excited about this new way to turn my craft into a hive investment! so, I'm gonna keep posting more stickers and keep sharing!

1080 circle logo.jpg

For any Rising Star players and NFT collectors, I only have 16 more music NFT's of my song The Vibe available. no more will be minted! Happy collecting!

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Really? Elon Musk would be going on Saturday Night Live?😂😂😂
That's so hilarious already. I'm just hearing about it now. Would be fun for sure. Your positioning to benefit from this is cool too, just make sure you are retweeted as much as possible.

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