Why steemit don't welcome is there Hive is same.? introduction Through Leofinance

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salam arz Hi,

Before the writing any thing about me i wanna told you i was at #steemit yesterday
about my Post my introduction Post in #newcomers-community i got nothing comment no one Welcome me as Newbie i see this about #Hive in negative remarks i try to visit an am so impress to see @theycallmedan, blogs motivations
iam here with Once again .....
Why steemit don't welcome is there Hive is same.?
This is abdul wahab sheikh From jaranwala Punjab Pakistan
@abi.wahab i just 22 years old. AFTER completing study medical filed was my dream in childhood. so i start DHMS and technologist i am sure many other Pakistani are also at his Platform if they are here contact me and give me tips to being the part of this amazing world i knew about crypto up down i knew crypto can make rich but its must you need to spend time if you wnat to gains ,
i love to collecting Multiple colors tickets . POST tickets Traveling Tickets ect,
in this bad situation COVID 19 attacking to everyone again in this -situation my i am giving more then 16 hours in My hospital work .
I completed diploma about X-ray technologist. after O level education class Now i am working in a Hospital as Head of department my goal is helping the peoples and providing them good treatment

Come to Visit in my Department ...
Hi friends lets visit my working place its my Console room there is operate xray after taking it
this is very save room to radiation.!!!!

my heart beat is un blanced before Post
this is LEO-Finnace i knew i should post about finance but its my first post to comparing hive is best or steemit

abdul wahab @ FaceBook


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Welcome to Hive Blockchain.

which one is the best ?

Leo-Finance is a part of Hive Blockchain, Hive is the mother platform. You will find many tribe platform under Hive. Working with the tribes suppose to work with the Hive, but only working with the Hive, is not working with the all tribes.

Hope you understand.

Welcome to Hive!

Hive is a community-driven fork of Steem. This article explains what happened: https://decrypt.co/38050/steem-steemit-tron-justin-sun-cryptocurrency-war

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Hi Salam From South East Asia. In hive and leo you should read and learn from big authors. connect to minnows to grow together. Give comments to interesting posts. Don forget to join community I recomend #projecthope and #bloggingchallenge

#leofinance. Follow the rules in community You need more time to get along with hive members.

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Hello @abi.wahab. This is @gentleshaid from the @ocd team. Welcome to the hive blockchain and congratulations for making your introductory post. Feel free to hop into our Discord server in order to interact with thousands of other Hive users and get whatever question you might have answered.

I am certain you are going to find Hive much better than any other dpos platform. The real community is here.

Once again, you are welcome to the hive blockchain.

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