Recent Investment on Splinterlands Game Cards - IAAC#247

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Hello Everyone,

This is my day 247 submission for I am alive challenge by @ flaxz and I am glad to participate in this wonderful program.

Today in this video I have talked about my recent investment on Splinterlands game. Currently I hold the card collection power of 231k and earlier it was 180k so now I am eligible to enter in gold 1 leage.

I have come a long way with this wonderful challenge through over 200 days and I am happy to see that people are participating everyday to mark their presence on this Iamalivechallenge

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.

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Looks like you had some great accumulation of cards till now i have only invested once and that too in the beginning by the way nice collection of cards.

I keep on investing to buy better cards because this way I increase my rewards in form of more be easy tokens find can unlock better league in the season. Battling is so much fun and if you have better cards then you get better leagues and with recent introduction of collection power made it necessary to have more cards in account .

Congrats for gold 1. Well i am also upgrading my common and rare cards as well as i am also leveling up my summoners. Actually i am recording video by using 1st level cards only because it is for beginners so they will be confused if i use high level cards in those battles. I will soon reach gold 1 too. Again congratulation and keep sharing your Splinterlands portfolio and battle with us

Hello friend
I know that your cards are very good in the game and upgrading further will add more value in your game. it's good that you are using level one card to make new players aware about the game and better use of cars since most of new players come with basic level up cards. about my card upgradation I was keeping an eye on better price of high tokens and when I got this opportunity so I did the investment to buy some new cards which are powerful and also to upgrade some existing ones. thank you so much for stopping by

That is gonna be a very good startegy. Let us know about new card performence in your upcoming video. Thanks for the updates

Surely I will do. This season is ending in a short time and I hope that next season would better for me.Thanks

I also play splinterlands game but my cards are not so high. I upgrade sometimes but I am enjoying the battle and its so much fun. Congrats to you fo making your game play even better.

I agree with your words that gaming is so much fun even with the basic cards but having high level cards make it even more rewarding. I keep on upgrading my cards time to time especially when high price is higher then I take this opportunity to add more value in my game through high value cards. thanks for sharing your nice words