Hi all guys, today the Fortnite community token was officially born, the PLAY GAMER (PGM) token, the token was born as a reward to the best users of the community and more generally to all those who would like to have a new token both from collect that on which to invest time and money.

For the moment only 2 accounts are in possession of this token or me and @hive-135941 which I will use as a momentary bank to send the token to the winners.


#1 The logo
fundamental thing in a token and if someone knows how to make some logo they can propose it.

#2 Price
I would like to set the price at $ 0.01 but at the moment I don't know how to do it haha

Thanks a lot to everyone who buys the token


As for the post care it will be manual, all the posts that will be published will receive my upvote, plus all the quality posts will be treated with a high grade care system (min 1 $ vote at the current state of the value of Hive)


Each week, 5 liquid hives will be made available to distribute to the best users of the community


#1 Respect for everything and everyone
#2 Original content
#3 Posts must always be about fortnite

Posts that are not original will be flagged and downvoted by me and the hive government

To lend a hand to the communtiy you can delegate hives to the account @hive-135941 who will vote simultaneously with my vote. Also if you want you can also leave a small percentage of the earnings of your post to the account mentioned above, even 1% is fine.



The curation traill through the Hive Vote site is officially active and you can use it to curate all the posts in the community, every time the account @hive-135941 votes on a post it will also follow your vote.



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The price is set by sellers when buyers meet. There needs to be demand for the token. POB token was distributed 100% through curation via the community and those features require additional BEE. Approximately 4000 HIVE or $837 USD. If 24 users contribute 167 Hive or 209 BEE then the additional community features can be deployed. The simple way is to set 5000 PGM for sale at 1 Hive each. Consider burning 2B tokens because there is more value in limited supply. Next goal could be to enable staking and then to acquire the scotbot.

Thank you very much for the many tips you are giving me, dear friend, today I read several guides but as you said this cost is very high, 4 thousand BEEs cost a lot and at present I cannot afford these investments, now it would be nice to activate staking but for the moment I prefer to avoid, if the project will go well and there will be several users, even 20 would be fine for me, I could think of investing with funds outside the HIVE ecosystem !WINE !BEER !LUV 1 !PIZZA !ENGAGE 1 !BBH



@darkflame! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @zottone444.

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Here is my first concept for the logo,
I think I like Green

What do you think @zottone444 ?


First of all, thank you very much for the logo and thanks for all the support you are giving me I am really happy and excited to have found such a kind user like you, however I also believe I prefer the green logo

This looks great! but I messed up so let me fix it

@zottone444 use this one instead.

@zottone444 Make sure you update the image with the corrected version.

if I'm not mistaken, the token image should already be updated

No, the initial images I created said PGT and that was my mistake. I corrected it, and you can replace it with this one.




@darkflame! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @zottone444.

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Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

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Good work 🎮👾

Thank you very much, if you want you can also participate in the project :)! WINE! BEER! LUV 1! PIZZA! ENGAGE 1 !BHH

If i can help you somehow let me know 🙂

look for me it's okay already that you answer so as to give me the charge to go on, however if you want you can enter the community curation trail or delegate something to the curator account (not recommended) or the best thing you could do if you want and if you can is buy the PGM token (PLAY GAMER) token of the community born today, you can fsre all this if you want and if you can, but I repeat to me it is enough just to see you comment, if it were all like this the community would be perfect

Whats the name of the curation trail account? Might also get some tokens once i have some more liquid hive again 😊

all these people who give you a hand without even knowing you in reality and this shows how healthy the Hive community is, however the account that takes care of the posts and that has the curetion trail is hive-135941, if we can immediately sell a lot of tokens I should be able to enable staking with the PMG token within a month if all goes well I should succeed, but obviously they are only estimates based on the token if all goes well or not.

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