Splinterland's Battle Challenge : Water Elemental.

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This weeks Splinterland's Battle challenge figured the Water Elemental for the challenge and to be honest Water Elemental is my favorite card along with Ruler of Seas as I like to put Water Elemental in the tail and it's high swiftness and Heal make it very ideal for me to put it at tail. At level 5 and above it has dodge ability too, that is added advantage.

Water Elemental.png

I got the ruleset of "No Legendary" + "Heavy Hitters/Knockout" and I decided to use Medusa to stun my enemies.


Since I am not able to use the legendary cards,(Ruler of Seas + Sprit Miner) , so for a change I decided to use Dragon Summoner Daria Dragonscale to give edge to my melee attack.

My Team in Order: Daria Dragonscale(Summoner) , Spineback Turtle,Wave runner, Furious Chicken,Medusa, Crustacean King, and Water Elemental.

Opponent Team in Order: Drake of Arnak (Summoner), Unicorn Mustang, Manticore, Brownie, Khymer Princess, Furious Chicken and FireSpitter.

Let move to battle


Team with all the Summoner and monster abilities in effect.


Medusa strike with stun in very first round and Crustacean King and Spineback Turtle knockout the opponent Unicorn Mustang.


Opponent Manticore and Brownie also down and I have not lost any monster here.


Nice Victory here with no loss.

Battle id

If you are interested in joining game, then you can join it here


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