First Purchased Limited Reproduction Rights NFT Art on the!

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Remember when we said we were buying NFT's with Limited Reproduction rights to add items to the Well here is the first piece!

'Rasta Panda' by @artxmike was the first purchase from the @nftshowroom! We just though it was too cute to pass up and would look awesome on a print or on a tshirt! 10% of the sale will go to the original artist via Hive or HBD payment, whichever is more convenient at the time for us. It will really depend on what the sale was made in.


You can find the these items on the store at the following links:

'Rasta Panda' T-Shirt:

'Rasta Panda' Framed Poster (2 sizes):

We have 4 more pieces in the hopper waiting to go!


Awesome use of the resell rights here on Hive. That's a cozy T-shirt design with the art.

I liked this panda art

Promoted with 100 LIST tokens! Promoting posts with LIST burns the tokens and takes them out of circulation!

so if I promote use list token the toke will burn how can I burn tokens?

You promote the posts... go to, open an article and at the bottom, there is a promote button.

Art is looking nice and eye catching in t-shirt too. Great pick.

a gray t-shirt will be more lovely