Splinterlands Social Media Challenge: Presenting my Heal Team

Good says Splinterfriend, another week has come and it's time for another weekly challenge for us to share our all about Splinterlands.

As we can observe more and more Soulbound cards are now being used in rank battles from Reward Cards to Gladius Cards. So maybe its about time we highlight some battles using this cards.

This battle I'm sharing also highlights my favorite heal lineup featuring the life element. So let's get get ready for the next battle! 😅


As you can see I am using Sola Ranjell a Gladius Legendary and Iziar a Reward Card Soulbound Legendary. And this battle will highlight the importance of this cards.

It is a battle of mages so Iziar is a very good tank for this type of battles since it has void that reduces an enemy's magic damage, and giving it's taunt ability makes it a better tank choice, and to supplement her I picked a two triage cards that will help it have more sustain.

But because of the Phantom Soldier my damage was reduced , but I worry not because my tank soaked all the damages while my team is chipping the oppents health slowly but surely.

The battle continues...


In this sequence Djinn Muirat gave me a hard time since it has a three damage and its magic reflect hurt me a lot specially my front tank this is where Sola Ranjell showed her skill . Giving that she has 3 mana it's easy to fit her in a mid mana battles and the heal made sure that my Renova will survive long enough until I eliminate the tank.

More Battle Highlights....


The Opponents tank was eliminated in exchange of mine but thanks to Brightwing my Renova is Revived and immediately Sola Ranjell healed it back again to so be a front tank again.


The End of Battle....


At the end of the battles all my monsters were still on the field ready to take on another opponent. This is the reason why I love using this Line up , it has a very good sustain thru the skills triage , heal and revive.

Have you used the same line up, share your battles too and let's discover other potential of this cards.

If your interested in watching the full battle here is the battle link.



This is an entry for the weekly Social Media Challenge, if you're interested to join ill leave here the link.


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