Splinterlands Social Media : Unprotected - A Rule Where Speed is King



Hello Splinterlands Friends, for this weeks Social Media Challenge I will be sharing a battle that might help you decide on what to pick in this specific rule.

So this battle features the unprotected rules set, and this is how I handled the battle to victory.

Battle Condition


  • For this battle like mentioned is the unprotected rule where all armor effect are removed exposing all monsters in the field.
  • Also All summoners are silenced so all their buffs and effects are nullified in this battle.
  • A decent mana is give, 30 is just enough to get me those picks that I wanted.
  • As to the elements my favorite water element is available together with Earth, Light and Death.

Line Up -Key Units


  • Because mainly of the unprotected ruleset I chose to go with water element , this element have most of the fastest units in the game, but not only fast but also deadly.
  • To give more speed to my units, I added Supply Runner and River Nymph.
  • As for Deeplurker, the poison is its most important skill on top of that is the demoralize that reduces all enemy's melee damage.
  • I put Pelacor Bandit on the Backline since he is a good dodger when it come to backline attacks ,and adding more speed to him increases his dodge chance.

Battle Highlights


  • For the first round as expected my two Sneak units attacked immediately eliminating the Uraeus. Even with Time Mage reducing our speed the stock speed is still greater for my units , since water units are pretty fast.
  • And thanks to demoralize my tank Deeplurker survived the melee hits buying more time for my sneaks.


  • Renowa with her high magic damage, eliminated Deeplurker, but in return my two sneaks is penetrating from the back without missing any hits , executing Stitch Leech.
  • With Merdhampir having a high health, even he cannot hit from the from lines his sustain makes it harder to be eliminated giving more time for my two sneaks.


  • At the end of third round Merdhamphir fell but his sacrifice was not in vain, the second tank and time mage also went down with him leaving Renova the sole receiver of all the damge.

  • So at the beginning of the forth round the battle was conclude, now this really proves that speed is the realking in terms of the unprotected rule. It has proven many time already so I'll keep doing it as the condition arises.

Thanks for visiting my featured battle for this week.
Do you have any tips on the battles in rank, please feel free to share it in the Social Media Challenge, help other players and earn at the same time.

Have a good day everyone, see you in the battlefield.



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