Splinterlands Battle Mage Challenge : The Four Musketeers



Hello Splinterland friends, another new ruleset is given to us for another challenge battle challenge. This rule was one of the newly added rules in the game. For me this rule enables us to maximize the mana we are given specially on low mana battles.

So here is the new rule challenge for this week.


Aside from the given Rule , here are the other conditions for the features battle.


  • Healed out - all healing abilities are disabled.
  • Born Again - all units with resurrect upon elimination.
  • Mana _ 43 Mana is given , with the Fab Four ruleset,this allows me to pick high mana units and still fill the max units needed.
  • Elements - Water , Earth and Dragon is available. Now thats good news for me since my favorite element water ,is available.

Battle Highlights

This battle is from a tournament sponsored by Team PH.


  • As you can see for my tank pick, I chose Alvar to maximize the effect of the resurrect ability , since he has the void armor even mages can't penetrate their magic attacks if a shield is still there. So it's very effective for Alvar since he has 9 armor.

  • For the first round . my opportunity units immediately did their job easily eliminating River Nymph, wilt the line up I have it's a combination of offense and defense.


  • On the end of Round three Alvar was eliminated and due to resurrect he came back ang all of it's void armor is there to take on any possible hit by both mage and melee damage.

  • And on the fourth round , as was able to eliminate their main tank , all thanks to the heavy damage of my all melee pick.

  • With the 10 Void armor of Alvar, he's gonna be tanking for a few more rounds.


  • At the end of round five, the enemy Kulu was also eliminated and my Alvar is still standing with a single health, It can still take a 2 attacks from Kye.
  • Kye being now the sole target, all damage is directed to her.


-Kye still managed to eliminate my alvar due to couple of misses from my units, but with three against one it's only a matter of time until her evasiveness will ran out of steam.

  • So at the beginning of the eighth round , flying squid delivers the final blow. Another win in the books.

And that ends my battle for this weeks rule challenge Fab Four

For the full battle you can watch it HERE .

If you have encountered this rule ,be sure to share it in this weeks BATTLE MAGE CHALLENGE.

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