Day 42/366 Y2024 : Battle Mage Challenge - Archers Battling Up Close



Hello Splinterfriends, another time to share those exciting battles with our Growing Community. Archers are always seen shooting their arrows from afar, but this time we gonna see them battling up close .

The battle mage challenge ruleset for this week is "Close Range.

There are some ranged units that have a lot of potential, but when they reach the first position all of this are gone. Good thing this rule is available for ranged units to show their tanking skills.


Let's get into it, here is my featured battle for this rule.

Battle Condition


  • Born Again - A unit after death will self resurrect, having one health upon revival and all of its original armor.
  • Close Range - ranged units can attack in the first position.
  • Mana - 32 mana is available a lot of space for 4-6 mana Units.
  • Bans - Only the Life and Earth Element is Available.

Line Up Selection


  • Sloan - With the close range rule, having sloan as a summoner gives advantage to ranged units beacuse of the additional ranged damage.
  • Chaos Knight - I'm expecting some ranged to be used so I picked this for the Shield ability that reduces melee and ranged damage.
  • Vulguine - because of rebirth , having the scavenger ability , this unit will stack up health as units die and resurrect.
  • Crystalsmith - Having a lot of ranged damage and the heal for the tank makes her an obvious choice.
  • Time Mage- the rust ability makes ranged damage more effective, a lesser armor to deal with.
  • Pelacor Arbalest- with her double strike more damage the better.
  • Supply Runner - increasing the speed and base health makes utilizing the damage of all units better, since giving them more speed guarantees first hit and accuracy.

Battle Highlights


Well , that was unexpected, I though I was gonna face a bunch of archers, it turns out he read my strat for this battle, lets just see hoe this goes.


Because of speed difference between Life and Earth element, I sure have an advantage. The opponent's tank was first to fall, good thing damage from my units is only 4, if not things would have turned out differently. One more damage the Forcefield would have been activated.


My tank was just easily beaten due to those armor penetrating mage damage. So my tank was proven to be useless for this battle, but it still added some stack to my Vulguines health.

In the third round, now Vulguine is in the tank position, all damage were directed to it . Thanks to the stack for the scavenger ability and Heal from Crystalsmith it was able to sustain those damage.


All thanks to the speed difference I was the one always hitting first so those armorless mages were just melted by my heavily damaged equipped archers. Even with those resurrects my archers are just taking turns hitting and Crystalsmith just doing her healing to our tank.


Until the last round , my archers remained firm holding their ground and not needed to battle up close in the frontlines. I would say it's all thanks to the speed difference that this battle led to our victory.

For the full battle video, you can check it HERE.

I hope you guys found this rule too in your battles, this is hard to come around.
And again that is it for this weeks battle mage challenge.
May everyone have a happy weekend. Have a good day, see you in the next challenge.





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