#55 Mimosa Nightshade - Splinterlands Art Contest (ENG/ DE)


Hello dear Hive Alien Art Crew, Hive Community and Splinterlands Fans,

I wish everyone a happy Monday. How was your weekend? Did you do anything nice?

I tried to practise a few drawing techniques and spent about 9 hours with it this weekend.

I didn't mess up this time either... Yeah yeah yeah... I hadn't read the last Splinterlands Art Contest post properly, that it was a specifically themed one last week. My mistake, sorry for that. But this week there are no limits to creative freedom and I've decided on the Splinterlands character "Mimosa Nightshade".

I hope you like this week's contribution to the Splinterlands Art Contest.

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade thumbnail.jpg

Hallöchen liebe Alien Art Crew, Hive Gemeinde und Splinterlands Fans,

Einen seligen Montag wünsche ich in die Runde. Na, wie war euer Wochenende? Habt ihr was schönes gemacht?

Ich habe mal versucht ein paar Zeichentechniken zu üben und war pi mal Daumen 9 Stunden somit damit am zeichnen.

Diesmal habe ich es auch nicht vercheckt... Jajaja... Ich hatte den letzten Splinterlands Art Contest Post nicht ordentlich gelesen, dass es ein speziell Themenbezogener in der letzten Woche war. Mein Fehler. Doch diese Woche ist der kreative Freiheit keine Grenzen gesetzt und ich habe mich für den Splinterlands Charakter "Mimosa Nightshade" entschieden.

Ich hoffe mein dieswöchiger Beitrag zum Splinterlands Art Contest gefällt.

the Progress.png

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade 1-3.jpg

Like always I start with the lines, background and shadows.

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade 4-6.jpg

Slowly some coloring.

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade 7-9.jpg

Normally I would have stopped something around here and kept it in a kind of anime comic look.

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade line sketching.jpg

But not today... Let's continue...

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade 10-12.jpg

Let's blend all a bit better... Let's check if I can make my art a bit different this time.

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade 13-15.jpg

Here, you can see I have used a lot of layers. To handle a mistake I was playing save and used more... 😅

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade 16-18.jpg

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade before finishing.png

Last steps before finishing...

finished Fanart/ fertige Fanart

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade finished.png

Jup, I just kept a little surreal touch... The longer neck. 😇🙏🏼 Hope it's ok. What you think?

splinterlands fanart Mimosa Nightshade before after line art vs fine shades.jpg

Maybe its clearer to see the differences here... Anime aka Comic Style vs blending and fine drawing (let's say it like that). What you prefer and like more?

original Images/ original Bilder:

Mimosa Nightshade.png

Source of the reference image:/ Quelle des Referenzbildes:

Contest announcement

Source of the weekly Splinterlands Art Contest/ Quelle des wöchentlichen Splinterlands Art Contest:

allgemeine Infos/ general info:

  • digitale Zeichnung/ digital drawing
  • erstellt auf meinem Huawei Matepad 10.4/ created on my Huawei Matepad 10.4
  • verwendete Anwendung war die Applikation "Ibispaint X" / the App I used was "Ibispaint X"
  • Dauer der Fertigstellung ~ 9 Stunden 10 Minuten/ duration of completion ~ 9 hours 10 minutes

last words

To translate some of my german native words I used deepl.com. After I edited and corrected some parts because deepl.com couldn't translate all slang words perfectly. Just wanted to make this clear too.

I'm looking forward to read your opinion and have a nice week everyone. See you soon.

Ich bin auf eure Meinung gespannt und eine schöne Woche allen noch. Ich lese euch ganz bald wieder. Bis dahin, Baba.

Your / Eure