It's sometimes said that going through all of the long process to get thing done is better because one gets to amass some knowledge and learn firsthand.


I don't agree with that a hundred percent. With so many things to be done in such short time and with all of the effort needed, it's only wise that we seek ways to simplify things.

I'm that guy that would not bat an eyelid before he takes up measures to make his life a tad bit simplified. And as one who thinks of himself as lazy, outsourcing is one way I help myself. Cause, why not, if I can afford to?

But then, there's the limitation of finance, so I have to help myself by myself and just learn to DIY what I can. Especially with tasks that require short time and that cause little to no dent in my wallet.

That said, before i leave the house to the market or the mall, i make sure to stuff myself full. I eat to my fill. It happena that, if i visit any of these places where app|tizing meals and snacks are sold, and i am running on an empty stomach, i engage in impulse buying. To even worsen things, i may not necessarily buy a meal aand eat and just get satisfied but i might end up getting snacks and junks that make my buds pulse at the sight of them. At times like this, it is my stomach that is doing the talking .

Before I adopted this method, I'd go out to shop and always returned angry because I had wasted money on frivolities.
At the end of the day, you see that the main purpose of my going there is defeated. And i return back home either regretting getting things i never bargained for or spending far more than i had planned.

If i am well fed, I will stick to getting the things I visit these places for and leave with just what I need and maybe a thing or two which I have clearly and thoroughly thought about that I can actually afford to get, should I want them. Not going out to get work shoes, passing by the goodies section and ending up buying chocolates, pies and even things I don't consume on a normal day but my taste buds scream "I want those." And at last, I may end up disposing. You get this, right?

So, this one hack of eating well before leaving my house to a place where edibles are in display is one that has helped me control my spending and avoid impulse buying.

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