One commercial that ran on our local television -or was it a political advert; I don't know- always ended with the words "change begins with you.'


That saying, self-explanatory as it is, tells that for every change and good-effect which anyone looks forward to, however big or small, the first step is to do your part. Change spreads. As you start in that little say, you never know who is watching and getting influenced.

Our environment is ours to manage and to nurture. Because if it thrives, we thrive too. If a spoil happens, we feel the heat. We are responsible for it's care. There's always a tendency to shift blames and put it all on the government when things are sour. While it may be true that the bulk of decadence is as a result of their negligence, we as individuals also share in te blame.

What have we done in our little ways to effect good change and to show the government how eager we are in that regard? Answer that for yourself!


I try to do what I can, but alone, I can't do it all. But here are little misfits I believe we can change;

On Forestry and wildlife
It is appalling that we keep destroying the natural habitats of our wildlife, thus bringing harm to the wildlife and then, we pay huge sums to go look at them in other countries. My country is blessed with the best of the fields ad forests. But rather than conserve and nurture what we have, we destroy it for reasons as development. Go today to te forests and our zoo and you would be met with almost nothing.

On Sanitation
A body is assigned the duty to care for and keep our environment tidy. Even in the face of that, we have a primary duty to make the work easier. It's more for our benefit. We play our parts first by not disposing trash anywhere and everywhere but in bins. The litters in our surrounding and the streets are there as a result of people's uncleanliness. None of those litters got there on their own.

There are so many other areas were I which we could better conserve and nurture our environment but the above, need immediate working-on.

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it is just like the late Michael Jackson once said, it starts with the man in the mirror, you and i can make an impact in the smallest ways and together it becomes a big change, we can do so much more if we change our mindset and not leave everything to government officials and the likes. Thanks for sharing

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