HIVE Royalty Lotto | JACKPOT 1506 HIVE | #61


Hello SPIer's and welcome to this week's HIVE Royalty Lotto

As part of SPI Royalty rewards, investors that hold 250 are more SPI tokens will receive weekly lottery tickets. This is currently a private lottery with tickets not being for sale to the public. We will sell tickets to the public someday but for now, it's private.


How do I get HIVE Royalty Lotto tickets?
The only way to get tickets is to hold 250 are more SPI tokens. There are 3 levels with Jacks receiving 1 ticket, Queens receiving 2 tickets and Kings receiving 3. The numbers you receive on your ticket(s) will be your numbers and will be the same each week.

How is the HIVE Royalty Lotto funded?
The short answer is defi profits. SPI has done very well since its launch and is in a position where it can siphon off some non-HIVE profits back onto HIVE. The plan is to add $15-20 of HIVE per week to this and let it grow. When the JackPot grows to over 2000 HIVE, we'll sell tickets to the public for 1 HBD and save that HBD.


A few terms

  • 1 weekly draw each Thursday
  • Tickets are issued weekly for as long as an investor holds their SPI
  • Match 2 and win 5% of the HIVE Royalty Lotto pool
  • Match 3 and win 80% of the HIVE Royalty Lotto pool
  • Numbers do not need to be drawn in the same order as shown on your ticket
  • All prizes will be sent to winners at the time of uploading this post
  • Tickets are non-transferable
  • Lottery numbers for each Royal member have been pre-selected randomly and will remain the same each week/draw.



Total HIVE Royalty Lotto Pool - 1882 HIVE

2 BALLS = 1505.60 HIVE
3 BALLS = 94.10 HIVE

Odds of Winning

Match 2 balls - 1 in 545
Match 3 balls - 1 in 156,849





WinnerBall 1Ball 2Ball 3Winnings


SPI's HIVE Royalty Lotto gameplan

The odds are slim and like this by design. In order for HIVE to have a sustainable Lottery, there needs to be an incentive to buy tickets. The best incentive is to have a large amount of money to win. The best way to have a large amount to win is to make it self-sustaining. This is what I hope to do.

The HIVE Royalty Lotto will go through 3 phases of growth over the next 24 months and try to become HIVE's first successful Lottery.


  • Self-fund the HIVE Royalty Lotto through SPI's defi earnings and keep it private within SPI's Royalty Rewards program. (controlled ticket issuing)
  • Let the Lotto Pool compound each week until we have a total of 2000 HIVE+


  • Start to offer tickets for public sale at 1 HBD each (subject to change).
  • SPI Royalty Reward members will continue to receive tickets each week for free
  • HBD collected will be added to a savings wallet with any interest earned being added to the Wednesday Lotto Pool each month.
  • We save up 3000-5000 HBD from issuing tokens.


  • Convert 3000-5000 HBD into HIVE and start a SUPER SATURDAY DRAW
  • Offering smaller prizes but more. More numbers and better odds.
  • Sell tickets for 2 HBD
  • HBD collected will be added to a savings wallet with any interest earned being added to the Saturday Lotto Pool each month
  • If we can keep prizes big and issue enough tickets for a few months, the interest payments will take care of payouts as they continue to grow.

I understand hype comes and goes so when the public ticket sale starts, the first few months will be the best before people move on to something else. I'll be pushing this hard and trying to make the best of those next few months and building up a nice stack of HBD before the next thing comes out. The plan is to make it so that if we are selling no tickets, the JACKPOT is still growing each month on the HBD savings interest. 5000 HBD pays out 1000 HBD a year. It might take a while to issue 5000 tickets with 1 draw per week but it would be a matter of time before the reward outweighs the risk and people buy tickets.