Splinterlands Art Contest Week 280: Torch Vizier

torch vizier.png

This is my entry for the weekly Splinterlands Art Contest found HERE

Here is the original card:

Created in Clip Studio Paint Pro on a Surface Pro 4. Here is the time lapse video:

And here is the drawing broken down into individual process steps:

One: Rough Draft.
torch vizier p1.png

Two: Line art. Using a medium gray color and a thinner line to make it less obvious in the final drawing.
torch vizier p2.png

Three: Create a flat layer and hide the rough layer.
torch vizier p3.png

Four: Create separate color layers for the different materials. Blades, iron, jade, cloth, iron, and hair.
torch vizier p4.png

Five: Shading!
torch vizier p5.png

Six: More shading!
torch vizier p6.png

Seven: Additional layers. Overlay for highlights on the skin. An Add Glow layer for reflected light. Also, a separate layers for flames.
torch vizier p7.png

Eight: Create a background. Used an AI art generator for this. Also added my initials.

torch vizier p8.png

Enjoy! Thanks for perusing.


Nice work! I love the touch of yellow on her skin coming from the flames of her sword.