Splinterlands Art Contest Week 279: Countess Sinash

countess sinash.png

This is my entry for the weekly Splinterlands Art Contest found HERE

Here is the original card:


Was trying a totally different style of painting and skipping the line art layer. Doubt I'll do that again. If you watch the timelapse video, you can see at one point I just gave up what I was doing and started again from the rough draft.

Speaking of rough draft.

Created in Clip Studio Paint Pro on a Surface Pro 4. Here is the time lapse video:

And here is the drawing broken down into individual process steps:

One: Rough Draft.
countess sinash p1.png

Two: Flat layer. Skipped the line art layer as an experiment.
countess sinash p2.png

Three: Tried something new. Converted the rough draft layer to black and just blurred the crap out of it. Made them into light shadows to use as guides.
countess sinash p3.png

Four: Made separate flat layers clipped to the main flat layer. Hair, cape, gold, and purple. I see I also accidentally did some shading on one of the layers.
countess sinash p4.png

Five: Shading on purpose now.
countess sinash p5.png

Six: Created a dark background layer. Just used a wet watercolor brush to lay down some black followed by a running color spray in a light grey just to add some noise.
countess sinash p6.png

Seven: I wanted to make the shading darker so I just duplicated the shading layer. It was a little too black so I reduced the opacity of one of them to 75% and came up with this.
countess sinash p7.png

Eight: Add some whites to the eyes and some color to the lips. Then added a Glow layer to play around with some magical effects and reflected light.
countess sinash p8.png

Nine: Sign my initials at the bottom. Which is why I made that little section of glowing light in the bottom right corner.
countess sinash p9.png

Enjoy! Thanks for perusing.