Pob Photo Contest: Colours



After getting a notification for the new contest for this week, I was hoping for nothing tough because it was my first POB contest. Saw the colour task which basically requires every contestants to take a colourful photo.

Couldn't think of any, but later realized that I had the answer to the contest right in my house. Sometimes, we tend to take things for granted just because we don't see true value in them.

The photo above contains about 5 colors, which helps to bring out the beauty of the designs.

Seeing that photo above, It looks beautiful, but the moment i share where I captured it from, you might even laugh at it. Yes!!, That's because we don't see the colourful beauty of materials around us.

Well, that's a tray which has made in china at the back. I applied portrait while taking my shot.

In Conclusion

This is my first POB contest, and thanks for stopping by.