The evolution of social life.


In oldens days social life was like everything about a person relationship,bond and intimacy formed with other people, including family and friends it was really based on the quality of time spent on interactions with family, strangers and friends on regular basis.

With time, life itself has cause alot of evolutionary changes in our social life,some ways of interactions has changed due to growth and technology,
these changes has been a gradual process over time .

In olden days people enjoyed company, staying with friends,going out with friends, eating together, hanging out, visiting friends and family members etc.
like in African culture they normally come together for story telling,moon light festivals,dances during full moon and much more.but with time our social life had evolve and technology replaced human beings in great number of ways.

Instead of physical meetings,phones, laptop television,radio and internet are used.
people no longer visit family and friends to get informations, because it can be done through phone calls.

With just a cellphone people can easily go through YouTube and get excited with comedies without having to hangout with friends.

Some family meetings are held online through zoom Whatsapp and other social platform.
Internet has replace need for companionship,it's difficult this days for people to meet face to face to gists,talk, mingle and have fun because all these things can be handled through internet connections.

Social media has made a way to make people comfortable without having to mingle or go out to gatherings.
I really do miss the good old days.
Though technology has done a lot for us in years but it has a major effect and has declined our social life with people over time.