Monomad challenge - BW - Howdy, neighbors!

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Title: BW - Howdy, neighbors!

We may be considered new neighbors rather than pigeons, who were undoubtedly there when we moved in. On the first day, a white dove welcomed us, accompanied by a few pigeons tucked beneath the roof's eaves. Our tall solitaires, with superimposed floors, have roofs that mainly slope gently, making them perfect for birds to perch on. I've seen a variety of bird species on the roof so far. Since they make their nests under roofs, pigeons are the most abundant. The roof is mostly used by jackdaws and rooks as an observation point, while they build their nests in the nearby trees. Occasionally, magpies fly in, but they leave quickly. For hooded crows, the same applies.

Luckily, there are no bird wires in our apartment but many other tenants have them hanging from their windows. I understand their behavior because it is tiresome to constantly clean up the heaps of trash and pigeon droppings that they leave behind.

It still seems unusual to me that I can take pictures of birds from above. In my past residences, I lacked that choice.

Our 'neighbor' has a talent for spinning a piece of bread's crust on his breast.

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