Reflection Hunters Contest ~ Round 160


Greetings to you all dear reflection hunters in the Shadows Hunter's community. It gives me pleasure to join this lofty reflection hunting contest by @olgavita.

Here is my entry for this round.

I visited my barber to have my age renew by giving me a nice hear cut. Each time I cut my hear people always say I look more younger and responsible. So I love being looked responsible and presentable irrespective of any ugly situation.

When you sit on the barber's seat, you can not stop looking at your reflection and what the barbar is doing, sometimes including all other items on the table and those sitting and waiting for their turn will be reflected.

So while sitting, I took the shot with my phone of my reflection.

I do hope this reflection pictures of the 'myself, the barber, the items on the table and the next customer waiting' stands for the contest of this great magnitude.

Thanks to @olgavita for creating the contest and @melinda010100 the admin and @annephilbrick who established this contest and keep supporting it.

I remain @oasiskp2. And thank you for visiting my blog.