Opening 280 Packs of Rebellion - One of Splinterlands Latest Released

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How are you doing my friends?

I had a wonderful week exploring all the rebellion cards I have opened after the release.

There are so many possibilities in the selection for one battle that I will be learning way longer than I thought.

It is fun to interact with the community and get one selcction more effective in the playground.

Have you taken part in the presale? or do you consider acquiring more cards in the current general sales?

My experience so far has been great so join us. I bet you have get much fun elswhere.

I thought I could open the 280 packs at the same time but I found only 200 were possible.

The leaderboard of the presale participants is full to the point I have not succeeded in earn a title by the end of event.

My first impression of the modern battle with the rebellion packs is impressive. I like the way it was built and the engagement with all the part in action. I lost many battles but I am in the process of learning and perform tweeks on the field in order to strengthen my battle lines.

Splinterlands Rebelliion is Live

My referral link if you have the intention to join this amazing gaming community.

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