Releasing the Feral Spirit again!




Once again we are invited to the nostalgia of the old Phantom cards with this Weekly Challenge, this was one of my favorite cards in the previous set, I remember I even bought the Alpha version, I really like its design and I loved its stats, so I used it a lot, now with the new cards it combines quite well, and gives you the basis to create very powerful combinations for low mana battles, which is what I come to show you, so welcome to my post!


Feral Spirit.

  • Life Element Card, of Alpha Edition.
  • Its mana cost is 3 points.
  • Common Rarity.
  • Melee attack.
  • Abilities: Sneak at level 1.
  • 1 point of melee attack, 4 point of speed and 2 points of life at level 1.
  • And it's Lore:

Forever caught between dimensions, the Feral Spirits (and all Luminous Beasts) are the result of the Obliteration of Light, a horrible destructive event in which all the living vanished from the surface of Khymeria. These spirits do not hunger or thirst, but their fangs still bite and their claws still slash.

You can consider this card as the predecessor of the Stitch Leech because of its similar stats, but between the two and talking about low levels I would definitely go with this one, because the speed it has is enviable, just at level 1 it already has 4 points of speed that can easily be exploited when playing with life, And as I said before, I think that Life was the least favored element in Chaos Legion, but taking advantage of previous editions can make these cards very, very powerful, the Feral Spirit with its Sneak is a clear example of this. Its Beta version costs about 3.4$ (69$ GF) and its Alpha version costs 8.4$ (195$ GF).

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How to combine it with specific Rulesets:


One of the things in which this card fails is to have low life, if we fix that by taking advantage of the ruleset, then we are facing a card with a lot of speed and with a high life, to attack the enemy rear.

Explosive Weaponry

With her speed she will be one of the first to attack, and the explosion will do double damage, so this ruleset is very good for her if you place her in the middle of your lineup, to prevent her from taking early damage.

Little League

That speed and his Sneak ability will shine more than ever in this ruleset, don't hesitate to try it.

With which rulesets NOT to use this card:

Reverse Speed

Because her 4 points of speed will make her attack very late and probably fail against cards of speed 1.

Back to Basics

Because it loses its ability and in doing so, it becomes a practically useless card.


Because it has very little life, so it will surely fall in 1 or 2 rounds.


Sharing My Battle!

Click the image to watch the battle!

Here is an example of how to combine this card to get the most out of it, a first essential point is Lorna, that chance to dodge the first attack makes a lot of difference, then the Shieldbearer is in charge of serving as a tank-signal avoiding my second line cards to receive damage, the Sunkai Harvester was to support the tank, the Scavo Hireling had a very important job, keep the Bearer as long as possible in battle, healing his shield, my Time Mage in addition to his magic damage, slows the enemy to give more priority to the Feral Spirit, and the latter along with the Leech are responsible for finishing off the enemy from its last position, in the end it all came out great, because the Feral ended up holding the last blow thanks to the divine shield, and thus gave me the victory.


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