Old Photographer style - Monomad daily chalenge

Hello to all my dear friends in hive the biggest family, especially the black and white community, I hope that everything is going well and that you are doing well.
I am a menti and I am back with another collection of my photographs, this time in the studio, so let's check some of them together.
I made a style for the design. I started with a simple hat and turned it upside down and then I used an old Japanese camera to give it a more nostalgic feel and then the black and white shots that worked were just like being in a time machine. moved. had done towards the past.
This model is my brother and we have already had a photography party together and we have done many artistic works together and I remember to put a link at the end of the post for you to see one of your works.

_DSC9000 (1).jpg

He transitions very well and can play well with his face. See how much a beautiful smile has changed his face in this photo. Being a professional and a master next to Rauf's kind heart is exactly what I can take from this photo

Then I asked him to take a picture. And whatever I think is needed to capture a better location of the photo that performs and works exactly that was it. It was fantastic. He was wearing a beautiful stainless steel watch, which is a must-have accessory for a time-sensitive photographer.
We continued taking pictures and smoked a little. Different and directional uses of smoke and light are something that I love very much. I put a chair on the opposite side and Mehran sat in front of it and I was dumbfounded watching you with a cigarette on my lips.
_DSC8969 (1).jpg
The lighting and the way the smoke is coming out of the mouth is as if the soul is leaving the body, and this is a very surreal photo, a photo in which art is included and waves.
At the end, I made a video for you that is shared by me and Mehran. He is my older brother and because of the similarities I decided to make such a video that I would be happy to see myself in this video.
Thank you and have a nice day. Keep it until another meeting.
Photography By @menati

This is my video Link :


" Thanks for watching "
Directed by @menati