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Hello to all my dear friends, I hope everything is going well there. how are you?
I am a mentee and I am at your service with another blog and another photography. It is beautiful that this photo shoot was done only with his special style and we did the photo shoot in a farm that belonged to his mother's wife.
I took a few different pictures of him.
Stay with me to see all the photos.


This is a wonderful angle of photography that I am very fond of, but I don't always use it. Well, let's see together how to do photography. Look, first of all, you have to use a wide lens. After that, the pose is the work, the model should extend her heel so that the distance from her sole is greater.
And after getting a suitable frame, we do photography.It is very important how the model looks and feels in the photo. I just want to say that if you want all models to be clear, you should use smaller apertures.
I gave him my famous handkerchief to tie on his hand to make his style different. I really like to be able to take pictures of my models that are perfect under any conditions.
That's why I always help them with styles.
There was a barn with a beautiful fence around it and I used it as a background and in one of the photos I also used the entrance of the door for photography and the place where my model will be placed.
And the black and white photo made my subject not get lost in this relatively crowded location.
The fourth photo is one of my favorite photos. I like this picture very much. Because I took a wide-angle photo and edited it with the help of Photoshop. I did this because I wanted to capture the location well in the photo.
Thank you for being with me until the end of my friend's post, I usually put a few educational tips in my photos in simple language as much as possible, so that it will be useful for you.
Thank you and have a nice day.
Photography By @menati
Camera Canon 5d mark iv lens 24-70 canon f 2.8