A young model with colored eyes and curls - liketu photography


Hi dears. I am a menti and I came with another photo shoot and another blog of a beautiful young model. Let's check together, my dear friends, in the liketu community.
I did the photography with a7 r111 camera and a professional lighting. stay with me


In the photo shoot I gave today in the studio where my model had green eyes, I used a part of the studio with a rich green color on the walls for the background.
My model was posing very well and the back light that was used for her skin separated the curly texture of her feathers very well. The body format he had and the physicality he had attracted me to take my photos with slightly wider frames than my other photography.
There was a beautiful wall hanging on the wall in the background and I was careful in the framing that it would not create a problem for my photo and could place it on the golden lines of the frame in such a way that it took a good photo with it.
The color of the photo is due to the colored lights that I used for my lighting, and the very good colors of the yellow colors sat on the dark green color and with its combination, it became very beautiful.
With each click of my camera shutter, I immortalized his captivating essence. His eyes spoke volumes, reflecting a myriad of emotions that transcended language barriers. They held a hint of mystery and depth that drew viewers into their depths.
Through the artistry of three-point lighting and my lens as a conduit, we had created visual poetry that would forever be cherished.
As our time together drew to a close, I couldn't help but feel grateful for this collaboration. The fusion of his natural charisma and my passion for photography had resulted in a collection of images that were truly captivating
Thank you for being with me until the end of the post, my dear friends. Have a nice day and good luck to each and every one of you dear ones.
I am happy to be among you artists and art lovers.
Photography 📸 @menati

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