Splinterlands Raffle Bonanza #175


🌟 A Regal Proclamation: The Grand Raffle's Noble Celebration! 🌟

Hearken, sovereigns of the wild and steadfast allies of our majestic Splinterlands! The roar of ancient battles has been transformed by the noble cry of the jungle's king; in their stead, our grand coliseum resonates with an excitement most royal. The majestic spirit of fortune has once again prowled through our grand raffle, tracing the footprints of forgotten times to unveil its esteemed jubilation. With hearts brave as the lion and spirits aligned with the dignity of the wild, we announce the dawn of an era rich in unity and the overflowing bounty of our collective sovereignty.

Let this declaration thunder through every savannah and echo across every canyon, summoning all who find strength in the valor of the lion and the camaraderie of the pride: your unwavering support is the rock upon which our raffle shall unveil its legendary spectacle. Cast your entries, let your aspirations be the roars that rally our shared journey, and together, we shall stride toward a future aglow with harmony and the treasures of the animal kingdom.

πŸ™ Join hands, embolden your spirits, and let us embark upon a noble quest to a time of celebration and opulent rewards! Behold, the prize that awaits the fortunateβ€”a Gargoya Lion, a creature of unmatched courage and power, its essence distilled from the very spirit of the savannah, ready to lead its allies with its commanding presence and guide victory with its indomitable will!

Prepare for glory, brave combatants of Splinterlands! Embark on a daily quest not with swords and magic but with the thrill of chance in our grand raffle! Each day, one of you will claim a majestic Gold Foil (GF) card to bolster your ranks and bring you closer to victory.

Your dedication and engagement are your currency here. Earn your raffle tickets through your valiant actions - whether it be a thoughtful comment or a mighty reblog.


🎟 Tickets valiantly compete on your behalf, each day, until they clinch a victory. However, should there be a leader with a commanding lead of ten or more tickets, they shall be deemed the direct victor, no questions asked. Yet, in a realm where fortune and diligence intertwine, another avenue to triumph beckons: should you ascend to the pinnacle of the ticket list with a treasure trove exceeding 200 tickets, victory shall be proclaimed in your name, akin to a knight being crowned by royal decree. Upon such a glorious triumph, either by surpassing your rivals by ten or more tickets or by amassing a hoard of over 200, we'll reset the board, your tally reverting to naught, all set for the next grand tournament.

Your tickets tirelessly engage in the competition, standing as your daily representative until they seize the laurels. Yet, your ticket count will dwindle by one in the absence of interactions such as a reblog, follow, or comment, among others. When you emerge as the fortunate victor, be it by a lead of ten or more, by surpassing the ticket count of 200, or by other means, we'll reinitialize, returning your count to its humble beginnings, primed for the upcoming duel.

Unenchanted by the allure of Gold Foil? Fear not! Declare your penchant for an HSBI reward in your commentary, and it shall be bestowed upon your victory.

Make your presence resound! Leave an indelible imprint! Your moniker will echo through the annals of our posts, serving as a beacon to others of your unwavering might and determination. If you opt to remain a clandestine crusader, merely voice your preference, and your desire shall be honored with utmost respect.


🌟 Funding Fortune's Favor: A Pledge of HBD to Raffle Riches 🌟

Every coin spun from the coffers of our posts, every HBD earned, shall be channeled with steadfast resolve into the heart of the raffle. This is my solemn vow to you, brave contenders of Splinterlands: the bounty of our shared endeavors shall be transformed into magnificent cards, the very spoils you vie for. Together, we forge a cycle of prosperity that spins ever in your favor!

πŸ€ May fortune smile upon you!

The drums of the raffle resonate! Join the fray! 🎲

✨ The Arena of Chance: Your Tickets to Glory ✨

200@rukien3.13 %
199@lorddiablo3.11 %
194@wommi3.03 %
165@jdike, @treefrognada2.58 %
160@imfarhad2.5 %
153@screamheart2.39 %
152@pulubengdugs2.38 %
151@orebutb32.36 %
144@alfrin2.25 %
143@alexis6662.24 %
133@bluehy20, @daethical, @diochen, @dtam, @ladymisa2.08 %
122@rtonline1.91 %
121@jfang0031.89 %
120@stamato1.88 %
119@buchibinder, @gregory-f1.86 %
117@aniol77, @bechibenner1.83 %
113@logen9f1.77 %
111@vegata1.74 %
104@middle-earthling1.63 %
100@harharhar1.56 %
97@paparman1.52 %
96@arc-echo1.5 %
91@waynechuasy1.42 %
87@kryptof1.36 %
85@hatdogsensei, @houhou, @oskarl21, @sieghard19901.33 %
83@pero82, @zactian1.3 %
81@skoumpri1.27 %
79@bossingclint, @dk1trade1.24 %
77@akiraymd1.2 %
73@kahyazhe1.14 %
71@phantomassassin, @rimurutempest1.11 %
67@dewabrata1.05 %
65@booboohabibi, @rusty.bone1.02 %
64@henruc, @pirulito.zoado1 %
63@ebastion0.99 %
62@javeson0.97 %
60@mxm0unite, @olaf.gui, @scfather0.94 %
55@xvrcontinente0.86 %
54@circlebubble0.84 %
53@subidu0.83 %
52@finsteraar0.81 %
50@amaari0.78 %
47@arpuch0.74 %
43@bilidrg, @tecnologikom0.67 %
36@alexvan0.56 %
31@gs1, @ternizator0.48 %
27@blitzzzz0.42 %
22@h4rr1s0.34 %
17@esbat0.27 %
10@crazyphantombr0.16 %
9@vaynard860.14 %
5@belhaven14, @cryptochroma0.08 %
4@tub3r00.06 %
3@flummi97, @the.bradziag0.05 %
1@sarapony0.02 %

πŸ† Hail, Champion of the Raffle! πŸ†

Hear ye, hear ye, denizens of Splinterlands! Let the bards sing and the crowd roar, for a hero has risen from our ranksβ€”a true paragon of luck and destiny. By the grace of fortune and the spirit of the game, we crown @hatdogsensei as the victor in our esteemed raffle!

πŸŽ‰ With prowess unmatched and fate by their side, @hatdogsensei shall wield the power of the majestic Gold Foil card, a treasure coveted by many but destined for one. May this illustrious prize serve you well in the fierce battles that lie ahead.


Let us all raise our voices in jubilant acclaim for @hatdogsensei, who stands as a beacon of possibility for us all. May their triumph inspire each of us to continue the valiant fight, for in the world of Splinterlands, glory awaits at every turn!

πŸ€ Congratulations, @hatdogsensei, on your splendid victory! May your journey be ever prosperous and your battles ever victorious!

Prepare, warriors, for the next raffle beckonsβ€”your chance to etch your name in the annals of fortune is nigh!


🌐 Embark on Your Splinterlands Saga! 🌐

Venture forth, gallant adventurers, and carve your legacy in the hallowed halls of Splinterlands! By clicking the enchanted portal below, you align your fate with ours:

Embark with Maura-Ramen

Don your armor, ready your deck, and join under the banner of Maura-Ramen. Together, we shall stride into a realm of endless possibility, where every match holds the promise of glory and every card the echo of legends yet to be written.

πŸ‘‘ Forge your path, champion-to-be, with the wisdom of your guide at your side!


πŸ‰ United Under the Banner of the Legendary Dragon Alliance! πŸ‰

Hearken to the call of the dragons, for I am a proud member of the mighty Legendary Dragon Alliance, where the valiant meet and the champions rise! We are a fellowship of glory-seekers, card wielders, and strategy masters.

Should you wish to bask in the wisdom of the dragons and soar to new heights, the gates of our guild are open to those with the heart of a warrior and the soul of a strategist.

Seek counsel, share in our camaraderie, and perhaps, claim your place among us. Visit our sanctum on Discord:

Join the Legendary Dragon Alliance

Together, we forge not just victories, but legends. Dare to be Legendary!



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Thanks for the chance!

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The Gargoya Lion is always a friend!


Count me in please! @lorddiablo 😊


Hear ye, hear ye! Let the heralds proclaim and the bards sing of the remarkable achievement that has graced our midst. A commendable feat has been accomplished, one that shall be etched in the annals of history and celebrated in the halls of valor. The securing of a Gargoya Lion, a creature of majestic strength and noble spirit, marks a triumph not just of skill, but of heart and determination.

The Gargoya Lion, with its fierce mane and penetrating gaze, stands as a symbol of power and courage. To have such a beast by one's side is to walk with a presence that commands respect and admiration from all who witness it. This victory is not merely about the acquisition of a formidable ally, but it also signifies the overcoming of great challenges and the embodiment of the warrior spirit.

Let it be known that this achievement is a testament to the victor's unwavering resolve and unyielding perseverance. In the face of adversity and competition, they have risen, demonstrating not only their prowess but also their deep understanding of strategy and their ability to forge alliances both on and off the battlefield.

As we celebrate this momentous occasion, let us also reflect on the journey that led to this victory. It is a path marked by dedication, strategic acumen, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The Gargoya Lion, now bound to its worthy master, serves as a beacon of inspiration to all who aspire to greatness, reminding us that with courage, determination, and the heart of a lion, no challenge is too great, and no victory is beyond reach.

To the victor, we extend our most heartfelt commendations. May the Gargoya Lion bring you honor and strength in all your future endeavors, and may your legacy continue to grow, as formidable and respected as the magnificent creature that now accompanies you on your journey.



Congrats @hatdogsensei
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Congratulations @hatdogsensei on being selected as Champion of the Arena today! With a sprinkling of luck and a little bit of skill, you were able to claim victory in the Tournament with less than half the needed 200 Raffle Tickets.


Achieving the title of Champion of the Arena, especially under such challenging conditions, is a testament to the strategic approach and resilience required in navigating the path to victory. Triumphing in the Tournament with less than the anticipated number of Raffle Tickets underscores the importance of not just skill and strategy, but also the role of adaptability and seizing opportunities as they arise.

This achievement highlights the fact that success in the arena is not solely predicated on meeting expected benchmarks or following a predetermined path. Instead, it's about making the most of every situation, leveraging every advantage, and sometimes, benefiting from a stroke of luck. It's a reminder that victory often comes to those who are prepared to capitalize on the unexpected and who possess the insight to turn even the most unlikely scenarios to their favor.

The journey to becoming Champion of the Arena, particularly under such unique circumstances, serves as an inspiring example of how determination, coupled with a keen understanding of the dynamics at play, can lead to remarkable outcomes. It speaks to the idea that in the arena, as in many aspects of life, success can be achieved through a combination of skill, strategic thinking, and the ability to navigate the unpredictable with grace and agility.