Splinterlands Art Contest || Thanalorian Scion

Thanalorian scion.png

Hello everyone, Hope you're all doing great. It's that time of the week again where I get to share my work for the splinterlands art contest.

I chose an epic card in the water unit for this round, I really love the colours and composition even though I didn't use most of the colours. This character is a very powerful sorceress who got educated in the arcane arts from a very young age and obviously has the ability to control water.


I found a very good reference and made a sketch on my sketchbook which I altered a lot because the pose didn't look exactly how I wanted, I ended up doing a new sketch. Side profile and full body, two of my weaknesses so I had to really prepared for this one, choosing the colours was easy and I love how they blended together. I started the painting process with her hair and skin, I wanted her hair to have a good glow so I did just that. I painted flat colours for her long dress, cape, facial features and other things.

I turned off the sketch layer and started the rendering process. I found a brush I've never used, got curious and it ended up giving me a very good texture which I used for the upper part of her dress, from the breast area to her waist. Then I rendered her skin which wasn't much trouble, I then added some folds and style to the lower and upper part of her clothing. I then began to paint the cape, gloves and the water around her using different shades of blue.

It looked good at this point, I added some little gems and painted some blue effects on her clothes and background. I had little trouble with the braids but I took my time to figure it out before adding some bubbles and more strands to her hair.

Finally, I added some lighting to her clothes, hair, gems and every other part that required it.

Thanalorian scion.png
That's all for now, I really enjoyed doing this because it's not the type of painting I do all the time. I hope you love this one, see you in another post and have a lovely Thursday😌😌

Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop cc2019
Huion drawing tablet and pen