I've watched a good number of series in my lifetime, not that I'm a pro movie lover, but I will say I'm a pretty good one. I think the first series I watched and enjoyed was Spartacus, followed by Arrow, and The Flash, to mention but a few. However, none of these beat the legendary Game of Thrones. It was the best movie series I've ever come across, not just because I love the action but because it opened me up to a lot of things. If it were about action I know a number of series that will go toe to toe with Game of Thrones, I would even give the action part to Vikings because the storyline really killed it, but then when it comes to lessons of wisdom, Game of Thrones stands tall.

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The Game of Thrones started by teaching us how the world really works especially in the game of politics. You look into the characters played out and discover that man has a selfish intent behind every good deed. Some might not even know their own intentions until you give them power. I fell in love with the character of Daenerys Targaryen who turned out to be the mother of dragons and supposed rightful heir to the iron throne that everyone wanted to die for. But at the end of the day, the storyline exposed her true intentions as the intention of every other person who wanted the throne for themselves. She never truly sought to help the people, she pursued power because she felt it was her right.

Sorry if you have not watched the series Game of Thrones as you may find it difficult to understand what I am saying. So here's a brief summary of the movie series Game of Thrones. There were seven kingdoms ruled by a Dynasty known as the Targaryens, however, there was a cope and the entire Targaryen Dynasty was murdered from adult to infants except two of the King's children who we later found out to be three. There were a lot of twists in the series that saw different dynasties struggle for power and kill each other in a bid to claim it only to end up worse than the last. Even the king's children turned out to be nothing better than those before them except one who disappointed everyone by choosing to end the cycle of dynasties ruling for their own benefit and choosing a life of savagery.

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Another important lesson I learned from all of these is that the ability to do things differently only comes when you have the opportunity to do wrong but choose to do the right thing which might never benefit you in any way but because you feel you must do what is right. We see today a world where everyone finds a good reason to pursue power but at the end of the day, it's for a selfish interest and even those who criticize do so because their own selfish interest is not met. Everyone seeks to gain, but no one truly seeks equality as a lot of people try to show. Therefore it is important to know that just like John Snow, the only good man you know is yourself and the only bad man you know is the demon you fight within yourself daily. Even the best of the best have these demons and struggle with them daily.