10 July 2024: @mariannewest's! Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2429: My True Project

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Hello! Everyone
New York is the city well-known all over the world and there is the story of young businessman named Alex. Inclined towards technology, Alex was always engaged in multiple companies for several years. However, none of these made him feel that he has achieved enough until the day he got a vision of an app that could change the world. He invested all his passion into the application and named it as “My True Project. ” The endless night and numerous hardships were paid, the app has been developed. It linked people from across global, setting creativity and inspiring team work that had never been seen before. It was very successful, however the idea that was in Alex’s mind for so long, the idea that became real, and this was the best price for him. These gave credibility to the idea that ‘My True Project’ had turned into what he considered to be his true accomplishment in life.