My Actifit Report Card: September 11 2023



nothing happens instantly.
nothing happens in one night.
struggle after struggle, boredom after boredom, tiredness comes one after another, making the mind feel like it wants to give up.

photo_20230911_233324 2.jpg


photo_20230911_233325 2.jpg

photo_20230911_233325 3.jpg

However, when a strong desire arises, coupled with awareness of a healthy lifestyle, and enhanced with a strong commitment, it can make us stick with our habits.

looking inside ourselves, that today I am stronger than yesterday, more enthusiastic than yesterday, more persistent than yesterday, healthier than yesterday, more growing than yesterday, more mature than yesterday and more victorious than yesterday. makes every sweat shed seem worth it. nothing is done in vain.

changes from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year, creating satisfaction in my heart about what I have done so far. have a healthy, fit body and growing muscles.
This is my process and changes from time to time. Hopefully it can inspire everyone.
God bless !!!


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