Sports Illustrated should know sex sells. Some would be satisfied with a woman like this. But others would be interested in getting her to lose weight. Regardless, more people are generally drawn to a Tyra Banks in her prime, an Angelina Jolie body even. Yes, go woke, go broke.

Two main reasons I interact with Roy, one to get Roy to make me content or whatever else and the other to get Roy to admit to logical fallacies which my friend Chris Zuagg from Indiana had a screen name on Xanga that was something like Logical Fallacy or something like that.

Made my Slasher season 1 spoiler review video. Watched Slasher 107-108, Batman Begins with ice-cream. I researched for commercials related to Wanted Adventure Host which I was on in 2010.


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I was on Wanted in 2010

Oatmeal Daily - 2024-01-20 - Saturday | Published in January of 2024


In a world of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

01:36 AM
Going From Cool Kid to Oatmeal in Four Years, Hindsight Perspective

As I look back at my life, I can tell you how I felt, what I was thinking, each step of the way during my high school years
I can tell you how I felt when I entered high school in 2000
I remember having an odd feeling deep inside my soul telling me I would be there for the next four years
That everything would be alright, that I would graduate high school which I ended up doing
Which before that, I was homeschooled, so public school was new to me
Born in 1985 in Oregon, grew up in a ghetto trailer park where I got my nickname, Cool Kid, while playing basketball
Tommy Tamez and/or others joked that I should wear red and blue so I get beaten by the bloods and the krypts
Without going into details of my life during high school, I just wanted to state how interesting my journey was
One of the purposes of my autobiography blog is to use my own life as an experiment of sorts, like data, like a science experiment where I can ask myself questions as I study this a patient who happens to be myself
After graduating high school in 2004, my nickname began transitioning to Oatmeal
In some ways, how I looked at the world changed during those four years
I had a feeling I'd make it through my high school years
Not to say you can always trust your feelings/gut if they're too disaligned/misaligned with reality merged with absolute/objective/universal eternal principles
Sometimes the future will be made known to you like the 2020s were sort of in my mind back like 20 years ago
As a student of psychology, anthropology, sociology, I find Star Trek Spock fascinating as I study myself, as I keep my logs, blogs, vlogs, taking notes, making the world greener one oatmeal at a time, see the application value
Understanding this hindsight perspective can help you with understanding your future as well
Boldly going where no oatmeal has gone before, L4OJ GYJO 414 OJAWALL

04:18 AM
The Slasher, season 1, spoiler review, starring Disney Star Wars Rey Skywalker Palpatine


INFOWARS BANNER - dUIaa.caa.1-Infowars-qoc09f.jpeg

Twitter Tweets

02:26 AM

Glenn Beck has a good Trump impersonation.

03:31 AM
You could make your own version of the Bible. This one reminds me of an inversion of 1 John 4:19, we love Him because He first loved us.

11:24 AM
Sports Illustrated should know sex sells. Some would be satisfied with a woman like this. But others would be interested in getting her to lose weight. Regardless, more people are generally drawn to a Tyra Banks in her prime, an Angelina Jolie body even. Yes, go woke, go broke. 02:45 PM: Not everything is a scam. For example, I make money posting my daily blog on Hive Blog, Ecency, PeakD, Steemit, Blurt. 02:51 PM: lobotomy ad: Marlayna: I replied to her post: How many centuries ago was this? Only takes ten minutes to lose one's mind? Wait, unmanageable loved ones, I'm not sure what that means and seems oddly out of place when compared to the other ones.

Discord Drama

2024-01-20 - Saturday - 11:38 AM - Discord Log.

In the name of spam, the AutoMod bot is set to trigger at 3 messages/5 seconds. Not sure if I should tinker with this or not. Spam is a tricky issue. 12:01 PM: Leo, so random people came into this server some hours ago, they were ranting about Oatmeal The Rat Murderer, what ya think about that? The @Pawns role was called Hobbits and before that I think I had it named Trolls and at one time Criminals or something. Leo, what I find funny is some might think you are me, I find that to be both funny but also sad how limited in the brain some people tend to be. I find it funny how easy it is to trigger people. I find it funny that when I was ranting that people automatically assume I've lost my mind when really I am just trolling. I said something the other day, I said like don't do it, Flopper said ok. Then I said thank you. And then Flopper said something else. Like the opposite of what he previously said. There is no way a Lolcow like me could milk them could be the thought or more likely they don't really think a lot about anything really. I told myself I'd stop talking so much about Roy. 12:30 PM: On one hand, it seems Roy wants to like forget the past. But at the same time, it seems Roy will sometimes contradict this which I find to be hypocritical in some ways. 12:32 PM: When I shared that video of when I was on TV on Wanted Adventure Host in 2010, Roy was like where did you find it kind of thing. It was like Roy was interested in that. But other times, it is like Roy is saying some or most of my stuff should be deleted and destroyed. My point to Roy is I'm trying to save my content so that this kind of thing does not happen again, it seems to me that Roy is stuck in some kind of logical paradox which I'd love for Roy to confess to. 12:41 PM: If I didn't have that video of when I was on TV, Roy might say as he usually does that said video sucks anyways or something. But then, if I do happen to magically have the video, then Roy is illogically interested even as he wouldn't have had I not have it which is a break in logic in my mind as it is not consistent but more chaotic. 12:46 PM: Two main reasons I interact with Roy, one to get Roy to make me content or whatever else and the other to get Roy to admit to logical fallacies which my friend Chris Zuagg from Indiana had a screen name on Xanga that was something like Logical Fallacy or something like that. 01:08 PM: To get people to come to this Discord Server, I put the invite link in my Discord bio and would run around in over one hundred other servers, I would just say hello to random people hoping they might come here and maybe a few did. 01:14 PM: I was trying to get Roy to help me find lost Oatmeal content which you might find all over the Internet.

2010-03-01 - Monday - 08:00 PM PST - First Day of March of 2010 - So I was on that first episode or whatever it was, something like that. The first Pacific Northwest outdoor reality TV show. I was on the first one. Clip. Use Internet too much, Comcast bans you for a year. IMDB. Judge Ehren McGhehey from Jack Ass. NBCSNW: Comcast SportsNet Northwest became CSN Northwest in 2016. It started in 2007. The show I was on was in 2010. Looks like this network died in 2021. Sport Net. According to this, channel 38 was Fitness & Outdoors, so the show I was on was probably on this one is what I think I remember. Twitter. Laura Kristi. Oregon Live. Kristi Turnquist. Brent. Kristi wrote: "As promised, the first episode showcased a variety of hopefuls who responded to a casting call last August at the Memorial Coliseum. In"American Idol"-style, the would-be hosts ranged from the seemingly normal to a few wild card wackos (a young man who calls himself "Green Oatmeal" and knew next to nothing about the outdoors)." Green Oatmeal.

2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg

Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

Slasher 107-108

2024-01-20 - Saturday - 02:40 AM - Slasher 107-108

Cop is the slasher. He killed his mom years ago. He kills his dad. Sarah's dad was the former slasher and died so she could live.

2018-12-26 - Wednesday - AVATAR FAVORITE BOXER KNOCKOUT DAY LMS JA 6 54 PM PST 185100.jpg

Here is a list of what I'm watching

Timestamps generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) unless otherwise noted. Welcome to Oatmeal Daily with your host, me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, each day, I publish/syndicate these entries/posts/articles/web pages/stories/etc, to websites/blockchain/social media/email/etc. This is mostly a personal blog/vlog/diary/journal/autobiography/outline/news. I teach class sometimes at night. However, some of this may be useful, applicable, inspirational, educational, entertaining, etc. Boring/mundane daily template log. I've included my watch log near the bottom of this post listing some of the videos I've viewed. At the very bottom are some of my favorite links worth sharing. Dear diary journal blog, I got up at 10:10 AM. Breakfast, 10:45 AM. Lunch, 02:00 PM. Nap around 3 to 5, two hours or maybe less. Mail. Maybe a second nap for like an hour to 6 or less or maybe not a second nap. Was working on copying files in the Hawaii Drive which I've been working on since like June of 2023. Dishes around 06:00 PM to roughly 08:00 PM. But that including eating during that period. Dinner, 06:00 PM, 07:00 PM. During dishes, watched last hour or so of Batman Begin from 2005 with Christian Bale, watched some of it with the ice-cream and had it on while washing and then watched a little of Dark Knight Rises as that was the next film as it skipped the second film which had the Joker in it, on USA which had commercials like Law & Order SVU 25th anniversary marathon. I think I was in commercials for the Wanted Adventure Host Show on Comcast SportNet channel 38 in 2010 and if you look for commercials you might find me. Shower around 08:20 PM to 08:50 PM. They came home, I put food in the RV. Food log: Breakfast: coffee, orange, 10:45 AM. Lunch: potatoes in soup, 02:00 PM. Dinner: one Oreo cookie from Larry's stash, corn chip or something like Fritos, Safeway private selection brand, a medium white bowl of vanilla bean ice-cream which is possibly my favorite flavor next to like chocolate, rocky road, stuff like that, 06:00 PM. Strawberry flavored home made yogurt in a medium size glass jar made by mom as usual which I might get daily or weekly or whenever she makes it, 07:00 PM.



Dear @joeyarnoldvn !

Is this a ghetto trailer park of Oregon?
Did you live in a trailer house?


Yes. That is like a trailer park in Oregon. But my trailer park was a little different. I grew up in a trailer house that was technically a manufactured home made in around 1983.


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