MONOMAD: Rotten Wood-Loving Mushrooms

I chose the following two different types of mushrooms to participate again in the daily #monomad challenge hosted by @monochromes. Although I discovered each of these mushrooms in a different area, they were all growing in the same type of environment—rotting wood. Here are images of both kinds that were taken:

1 IMG_4052 copy.jpg

2 IMG_4057 copy.jpg

3 IMG_4073 copy.jpg

4 IMG_4076 copy.jpg

5 IMG_4051 copy.jpg

Auriscalpium vulgare, this type of mushroom is very small and has a hard texture. Planks from the walls of wooden houses that are not used anymore are where they grow and develop. With minimal equipment, I tried to capture this moment and share it here.

Look! This mushroom looks a lot like the rusty nails still lodged in the boards. They look like a very well-matched couple, I think!😂

IMG_4067 copy.jpg

IMG_4056 copy.jpg

Meanwhile, the other mushrooms that I share this time are Schizophyllum commune. Rotten twigs are the best home for this mushroom. Living in groups is his trademark. "I think they represent what sociologists call social creatures," I joked, interpreting the characteristics of this type of mushroom.

6 IMG_4714 copy.jpg

7 IMG_4719 copy.jpg

8 IMG_4717 copy.jpg

9 IMG_4716 copy.jpg

Please criticize if I incorrectly included the reference to the type of mushroom mentioned above. Photographed by nandaalbintang (@ichsannanda) with Canon EOS 700D camera+17-50mm Lens, edited in Adobe Photoshop.