The Royal Route to HiveBeeCon: Hive it Your Own Way!

Join us on a historic journey, not just through the iconic streets of Kraków but also by sharing your unique path leading up to HiveBeeCon. Whether you're crossing continents or just the town square, we want to hear about your Royal Route experience!

WawelWawel, photo courtesy of @hallmann

Before diving into your story, have you completed your RSVP? If not, please do so here: HiveBeeCon: Agenda Updates & RSVP

Now, onto the exciting part:

Your First Hive Experience:

Is this your inaugural Hive meetup? Share your anticipations and what led you to make the decision to attend.

Origins & Destinations:

Where are you setting out from?
Are you heading directly to Kraków or making pit stops along the way?
Or perhaps you're currently attending HiveFest? (Lucky bee!)

Modes & Moods:

Whether it's by car, train, plane, or on foot, every mode of transport carries a story.
Are you embarking on a road trip, catching a last-minute flight, or using another mode of travel?
Share the thrill!

Narrate Your Route:

Share your journey's itinerary, the challenges faced, unexpected delights, and everything in between.
Let fellow Hive members virtually accompany you on your route!

Travel Tips:

Are there any tips or tricks you'd like to share for traveling to Kraków?
Any hacks for cheaper flights, local experiences, or hidden gems?
Your insights could be valuable to others!

A few guidelines to enhance your sharing:

  • Tag your posts about the preparations or the journey with #hivebeecon and #royalroute.
  • For a geographical touch, consider using pinmapple tags.
    Pinmapple allows users to geotag their posts on a map, creating a visual representation of their journey.
    It's not only functional but also adds a fun interactive element to your posts.
    Show your starting point and every interesting stop along the way!

Eagerly awaiting your unique Royal Route tales leading to HiveBeeCon!

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Can't wait until 7th October! Will try to create at least 1-2 posts about it... Maybe someone else jumps on the train and we have a Euro HiveFest this year! 😃


Idea about posting is great, but the HiveFest is one, and unique and I will always defend its brand :-)
That's why HiveBeeCon was born, while nothing like its big brother, it could become something more than just an unnamed, random meetup ;-)

See you soon :-)