Sweet Dream Official Visualizer Video- 3Speak Exclusive Preview!


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Hello music lovers! I am back with another release, this time in the dubstep fashion! This track, 'Sweet Dream' is one of the tracks that I have dusted off after starting several years ago. I now have it all polished up and ready to rock!

This video is the official visualizer video that is used as the Special Access NFT that is available on the BlockTunes NFT marketplace on Polygon. This NFT gives you download access to the song, the video file, and the individual track files, or stem files, that you can use in any DAW to remix the song!

The @blocktunesdao will be receiving 10% of the post rewards from this post, so if you are a MUSIC token holder, you will want to make sure we get some solid upvotes to add more funds to the DAO!

Enjoy the video!

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Keep calm and groove on!


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